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The DarkMark™ Index


Wedding Card:



So you're making it official

Well, Hip-Hip-Hooray

On the eve of your wedding, this comes to say

Hope you enjoy the ceremony, the flowers and laughter

You give new meaning to the term "Happily ever after"



With best wishes to a couple whose love is truly eternal


Carol B.

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Feeling unappreciated at work?



Job got you down?

Feeling ignored ... at a loss?

Just march into that office ...



And put the bite on the boss!


Carol B. (running and hiding <g>)

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From Sydney:



I've seen the way you look at me

When cuddling with my pet

Do you think I'd make a tasty snack

Your appetite to whet?


Well, though you're bigger, your fangs larger

Here's a thought to give you pause

If ever you bare your vampire butt



I'll be sharpenin' my CLAWS! <g>


Carol B.

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Valentine card from LaCroix to Nat.


(we see a picture of LaCroix, looking elegant in his black suit.

He is holding a single white rose.)


On Valentine's Day, thoughts turn to love

We ache for romance and bliss

My son pines for his mortal sweetheart

Whose lips he longs to kiss


I understand the need he feels,

His hunger for your affection

For you and I, not long ago

Also shared a 'connection'


In the Azure, on that dark night

Your resistence was no more

I prepared to collect on an old debt

A promise Nicholas once swore


Our time was brief, cut short too soon

By an unwelcome intrusion

He swore to me he didn't love you

His ardor was just an illusion


But now, on the eve of love's special day

He must be feeling the temptation

To forget the past, and ancient promises made

In favour of the heart's vindication


I urge you to caution, for this is a warning

Don't think I haven't noted

The wistful looks, the needful stares

The expressions of the devoted


A promise made, a word given

Is a bond for all of time

He will not be allowed to claim his love

When he has denied me mine


Should Nicholas attempt to deceive

And renege on his debt of honour

He *will* indeed lose his love ...



(LaCroix is now vamped out ... eyes glowing red with bloodlust,

fangs glistening)


But *I* shall gain a daughter!

Carol B.

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One more...a new POV...


Who's my father? Who's my brother?

This whole thing's just a mess



I'm going away for a long, long time

So Nicolas, give it a rest.


S. Clark <the founder of DarkMark™>

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Have a Nice Trip:



Your supposed love

Lies dead on the floor

She's just a human

They always make more



Get packed, we're leaving.

- L


S. Clark

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A Sympathy card:


We've just heard the news

We're sorry for your loss

But at least the big lug

Brought you across



Sincerest regrets on your

recent demise, and a joyous

welcome to eternal life


S. Clark <the founder of DarkMark™>

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For the Vamp waiting in the wings:



What do you mean

The show's up?



I'm ready for

My close up!


This is the card for the not-quite-so-evil-as-LaCroix-nor-as-Angsty-as

Nick-nor-as-Slackerish-as-Vachon-but-at-the-very-least-impish vampire,

Skip. Who, although he waited in the wings for 3 seasons, never quite made

it on camera.


S. Clark

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From Sydney:



Angst this

Stress that

Who cares!

Feed the cat!



If you think the drapes were an accident...

The sofa's next.


S. Clark

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You've lost your love

You've gained more guilt

It's time to leave

This world you've built



Aristotle's moving and relocation

Reasonable rates

Privacy ensured


S. Clark

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A Happy Mother's Day Card:


LaCroix smiles sweetly, holding a big box with a bow.


"To Mother dearest, who gave me life,

Who brought me the joys of the undead,

A Happy Mother's Day to you--"



LaCroix smiles evilly, holding an open box with Divia's head in it:

"Too bad that you don't have your head!"


Heather-Anne Gillis

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A Congratulations Card:



(Underneath this is a picture of a blond baby, with fangs and golden eyes,

dressed in a diaper.>



You have a new fledging.

May you feel years younger!

Here's a small, heartfelt gift

To deal with First Hunger!

(Sender includes a gift certificate for a month's free blood supply from

The Raven.)


Heather-Anne Gillis <in a fit of giggles>

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For a stressed-out vamp:



(A sad looking vamp sits on a crate, chin in hand, surrounded by empty

blood bottles.)


"Do you feel encumbered?

Your life has no meaning?"



(The same vamp now grins evilly, fangs glistening and eyes golden, holding

a bloody stake. On the floor lies a pile of ashes and some burned



"Just take some time out,

And do some spring cleaning!"


Heather-Anne Gillis

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A Father's Day Card:



Pic of a tied up Lacroix and a grinning Nick



I may sometimes try to stake you

For those mind games that you play,

But despite your little failings,

Have a Happy Father's Day!




Heather-Anne Gillis

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Here is a card from Nat to Nick....






I'd have gotten you a better gift...

Possibly me in the lift??

But it would have taken me all day,

To show you a Happy Birthday,

And since we don't have much time,

I opted instead for a bottle of blood wine!





Valerie Horton

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A Sympathy Card of sorts!



So you've ripped your human friend to bits

and you think that's really sick

don't you fret and worry over it

someone will correct it in fanfic



Buck up, little vampire, you'll find another coroner pal.



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A response from Nat to LaCroix about his card written by S. Clark about Have a Nice Vacation:



He thought I was gone

He's often wrong

Now you're at a loss

I've come across



Get stuffed. He's staying with me - N.L. MD


Rogue Cousin Tammy

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For the Randy Vamp:



(A handsome male vampire, naked from the chest up wearing tight--and I do mean TIGHT--blue jeans, holding a bunch of roses in his hands)


I don't want your money,

or your diamond rings.



I just want to bite you...

<handwritten> - meet me at the loft... Nick



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