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A bit of silliness created by S. Clark and carried on by countless DarkNNers. First, there was Hallmark™ cards, but now for the discerning vampire there is...

DarkMark™ Cards

a division of DarkNN

The Index <contains all cards, alphabetical by author>

By Carol B.

Wedding Card

Unappreciated at Work?

A card from Sydney

Valentine from LaCroix to Natalie

By S. Clark <the founder of DarkMark™>

A different POV

Have a Nice Trip - from L.

Sympathy Card

For the Vamp waiting in the wings

From your feline - Syd


By Heather-Anne Gillis

Happy Mother's Day


For the Stressed-out Vamp

Happy Father's Day

By Valerie Horton

B-day Nat to Nick

By Jennifer

A different kind of Sympathy Card

By Rogue Cousin Tammy

Nat's possessiveness of Nick...

By Tyra

For the Randy Vamp

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