Unleashed Desire

Tyra - 1999

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Thanks to my betas, Lea and Heather-Anne, for putting up with me, and to Jan for jumping on board for this one and making some constructive comments!. I would like to blame all my mistakes on them, but alas, they are my own--sigh. The French translations are brought to you by my dear friend, who shall remain nameless <by request>...

I don't own them. Ya'll know who does, etc...

Ok, this is an ADULT story. It is an adult story about Nick and Nat. If you don't like an aggressive, dark Nick, you've come to the wrong story.

This story is post "Ashes to Ashes," but "Human Factor" never did happen. In other words, Uncle is of the Light variety, and Janette's cure doesn't exist <as far as N&N know>. I also disregarded canon <when don't I> in regards to Grace and Screed.

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His eyes were tinged red as he finished the last of the pages he had printed. A growl emanated from his lips as he tore the paper to shreds. He stood and started to pace around Natalie's living room. His anger built until the rage filled his body. He picked up the recliner, and threw it across the room, shattering the computer desk and monitor.

Nick stood still, his fists clenched by his sides, and tried desperately to gain control of the vampire inside him. His eyes turned from red to golden and finally to blue. As he felt the sun go down, he reached for the phone to make his flight reservations.


The tears were still falling down Natalie's cheeks as her plane landed in Halifax. She didn't understand why she had come. Originally, she had applied for the coroner job out of anger. Her anger toward Nick had been steadily growing over the last few months. His backsliding, his steadfast refusal to let her know more, and especially his constant possessiveness of her, were driving her mad. He made it very evident she was his--marking his territory, so to speak--but he never claimed her. She could've handled it if he would just claim her, take her and make her his.

Now that she had met other vampires, she knew they weren't all full of evil. Screed and Vachon, both of whom she was able to save during the fever, were proof of that. And Nick's own demon possession proved that he had good inside of him. She also knew there was something that had happened between him and LaCroix recently that had eased the tensions between them. She remembered Nick commenting that he knew there was goodness and love in LaCroix, it was just rarely seen.

She dried her tears from her face, as the stewardess made the announcement that the passengers could exit the plane. Natalie stood and gathered her briefcase and carry-on bag together, and headed toward the exit. Maybe, she thought, it was time she admitted to herself what she really wanted.


Damn blizzard, Nick thought. Natalie's plane had been one of the last to take off before the airport was closed. It was even too dangerous and too far for Nick to fly. He was grounded. He grabbed the computer disk with Natalie's diary on it, and bolted from her apartment.

He drove, not knowing where he was headed. His mind was awash with fear, anger, and regret. Regret that he hadn't done what his heart, his body, his mind had cried for him to do. He found himself at the Raven seeking LaCroix's counsel.


Nick entered the Raven and searched for his master. He felt LaCroix in his private quarters and headed toward them. The door was opened as he approached, and LaCroix handed him a glass of the house's special. Nick took the offered glass and downed the contents.

LaCroix closed the door behind his son. He looked at Nicholas as he refilled and downed another glass of bloodwine. He could feel the anger and rage that his son was barely able to keep under control. "What has happened, Nicholas?"

Nick couldn't find the words. He just thrust the disk toward LaCroix and growled, "Read it!"

LaCroix took the disk from Nicholas' hand and watched as he started to drink straight from the bottle of bloodwine. Concern filled his being. Was his son possessed by the evil again? No, they had rid him of that. Did some of Divia's evil become a part of Nicholas when he had slain that undead demon? The possibilities continued to fill LaCroix's mind as he reached to turn on his laptop.

The start-up took an eternity in LaCroix's mind. He had never seen Nicholas so filled with rage and hurt. His emotions were so raw and uncontrolled that they almost overwhelmed LaCroix through their link. As the desktop opened up, LaCroix inserted the computer disk and opened the floppy drive's window. There were two files: Diary1 and Diary2.

"Which one--"

"Both. I'll get us more to drink." Nick quickly exited LaCroix's quarters.

Worry filled LaCroix's cold heart as he opened the first file and read Natalie's feelings for his son, poured out on page upon page. How she wanted to be with him in the darkness or in the light, how she was tired of waiting. Nick's latest refusal to bring her across had led her to Halifax and the cororner's job. She was just going to slip away and never tell Nick. Leave him behind the way he had left so many others. Natalie even mused in her diary of finding Janette and having her bring her across.


A short while later, LaCroix closed the second file, rose from his chair, and stopped Nicholas from pacing by placing his hands firmly on his shoulders. The two man looked into one another's eyes, as the pain and hatred that had passed between them of late slowly slid into oblivion. Their link radiated with their love for one another. Love of a father for his son, of a son for his father. The love of two friends. "Do you love her?"

Nick whispered, "Yes, completely."

"Then my son," LaCroix paused and looked into his son's eyes, "my friend, what can I do to help?

Surprise filled Nick's body at LaCroix's words. In their nearly 800 years of knowing, loving and hating one another, he had never called him friend. The words sunk into Nick's mind as he embraced LaCroix. It was LaCroix's way of telling him he was his equal, in the only way it truly mattered--in LaCroix's cold heart.

"You'll always be my son," LaCroix whispered as he lightly touched Nick's cheek with his lips.

"And you will always be my father," Nick whispered in reply.

LaCroix quickly became uncomfortable with their closeness and broke away. "Now, what are we to do about Dr. Lambert?" LaCroix felt through his link with Nicholas and knew the answer. "Well, I think a trip to Halifax is in order."

"There is a blizzard."

"That never stopped us before." LaCroix reached for his coat and opened the door. "We do need to find out a few more facts first. A visit to the coroner's office should give us that information."

"Grace. She will know when Natalie will be back."


The two vampires exited the Raven. As LaCroix was about to take to the air, Nick pointed toward the Caddy. "I think it would be best."

LaCroix growled, "Let's not make a habit of this."


Natalie's ride to the hotel was uneventful. Her mind raced with thoughts of Nick. She had told him she was going to visit a nonexistent aunt. She couldn't believe Nick had bought her story. Belatedly, she realized she had left her computer diary disk out on the desk in plain sight, instead of in its usual hidden lock box. She still could not decide if it had been an inadvertent act or not. She didn't care.

She picked up the phone in her room and asked for an outside line. She dialed the number for the morgue to tell Grace she had arrived safely.


Grace answered the phone as two imposing figures entered the lab. She waved to Nick and his friend as she responded, "Morgue, Grace speaking."

"Grace, hi, it's Natalie. I just wanted to let you know that I got into Halifax ok."

Panic filled Grace's eyes. She never had been good at lying. When Nick had called earlier and asked her about Natalie's plans for her trip, the words had stumbled out of her mouth, and her heart had raced. She still wasn't sure if Nick had believed the story she had told him.

"Great. I'll let him know," Grace stammered in reply.

"Nick's there, isn't he?"


Natalie quickly realized that Nick had heard everything she had said to Grace. "Hand Nick the phone, Grace."

Grace did as she was instructed and thrust the receiver toward Nick.

"Hello, Natalie."

Nat could tell instantly from Nick's voice that he was mad--how mad she didn't know. "Hello, Nick."

"How's Halifax?"

"Can we talk about this when I get home?"

"When are you coming home?"

"My plane leaves tomorrow after my interview."

"Interview?" Nick already knew about Natalie's interview with the coroner's office from her diary, but he thought it best to act as if he didn't.

"I thought you would know by now. I'll explain when I get back. My plane touches down right after sunset. Do you want to pick me up at the airport?"

Nick started to answer but paused when he looked into LaCroix's eyes. The older vampire's message radiated through their link. Nick smiled. "No. Why don't you meet me at the Raven, I have some business I need to take care of."

"The Raven?"

"The Raven. I'll expect you early tomorrow evening."

Natalie could hear the hurt in Nick's voice. How could she have ever considered leaving him, she thought. "I'll be there--and Nick--"

"Yes, Natalie?"

"I love you." Natalie hung up the phone before Nick could reply. She sat in stunned silence. She had hurt and betrayed the man that she loved. She was sick with herself and their situation. Slowly, she laid down on her bed, tears silently falling from her eyes, and daydreamed of loving Nick with no boundaries.


Nick slowly returned the phone to its cradle. "Thanks, Grace." He exited the morgue with LaCroix close on his heels.

LaCroix and Nick rode in silence for awhile, neither knowing where they were headed. Nick finally spoke, "I'll need--"

"I'll have Miklos send over the supplies."

"Thank y--"

"There is no need. Do you require my help?"

"I know this is not one of my better skills--"

"There are a few pointers I haven't given you."

"Would you stay close by, just in case?"

"Of course. That is why I thought the Raven would be best." LaCroix looked at his son. "You will need to control your anger, otherwise you will quickly drain her, and there will be no hope that either one of us could bring her across."

"I know this is what she wants, and for once, I'm going to give her exactly what she asks for." Nick looked directly at LaCroix, and the older man shivered slightly at the determination in his son's eyes.


Natalie composed a refusal letter for the job offer in Halifax on her plane ride home. She knew running wasn't the answer. She and Nick had to face their demons together, and she had to be honest with him. She had to tell him how she truly felt and what she wanted. She wasn't getting any younger, and she wasn't getting any closer to a cure.

She put her pen down and leaned back in her seat. She closed her eyes, and her dreams were filled with visions of Nick, standing naked before her, offering her his hand.


The previous evening, Nick had dropped LaCroix at the Raven and had returned to Natalie's apartment to straighten up. He had gathered together some of her clothes and Sydney, and taken them to the loft. He wanted her to have fresh clothes to change into, and he knew how much Sydney meant to her. Sydney actually had curled up in bed with him that afternoon, the two finally coming to a mutual agreement to put up with one another.

As the sun set, Nick took to the air, headed for the Raven. He stopped by the bar and thanked Miklos for the delivery he had received at the loft, and then continued to LaCroix's private quarters.

LaCroix handed Nick a glass of bloodwine as he opened the door. "Did you properly feed?"

"Two bottles enough?"

"Of what variety?"

"It wasn't bovine, if that is what you are worried about."

"Starvation would not help you in your quest."

"Where did you put the supplies for tonight?"

"I thought I would leave that up to you. My rooms are open to you, or you can use one downstairs if you prefer. There are supplies in both places for you, just in case. I have to start my broadcast soon, but I will not be far away."

"Thank you, Lucien." Nick put his hand on LaCroix's shoulder as the older vampire was exiting.

"You are welcome, Nicholas. Just make me a grandfather is all I ask."

The two vampires smiled at each other.


Natalie threw her bags into the trunk of her car and headed for the Raven. She still didn't understand why Nick wanted her to meet him there, but she was determined that tonight was the last time she would drink a scotch-on-the-rocks there. She ripped open the small box of Godiva chocolates she had purchased in the hotel lobby in Halifax. She consumed the chocolate, savoring the bittersweet taste that she so thoroughly loved.


Natalie opened the door to the Raven and saw Nick at the bar, sipping from a goblet filled with red liquid of an unknown variety. He turned to face her, immediately recognizing her heartbeat. His eyes bored through her as she approached him.

"Miklos, the best Scotch for MY lady." Nick turned to face Natalie, his expression blank and his anger just barely under control. "You are mine, aren't you, Natalie?"

Natalie just stared at Nick, not knowing what to say.

"At least that is what this says." Nick threw the floppy disk he had taken from Natalie's apartment in front of her, as Miklos sat her glass down.

Nat stared at the disk, now knowing that Nick knew everything. She grabbed the glass of scotch and downed it. Anger filled her at Nick's intrusion into her private files, but maybe this was what she had wanted, maybe that was why she left it sitting out. She raised her head and looked Nick in the eye, and said, "So, did you find what you were looking for?"

"Oh, yes," Nick purred at Natalie, "I found exactly what I needed to know." He reached for her, pulling her roughly to him, covering her mouth with his. He broke away from her and whispered, "Follow me."

Natalie picked up her disk and followed Nick. He reached behind him and took her hand in his and led her to LaCroix's private quarters.

Natalie hesitated as Nick went to open the door. "Nick, why are we going in there? Isn't that where LaCroix lives?"

"Yes, he said we could use them tonight. We can go downstairs, if you prefer, to one of the private rooms."

Natalie looked behind Nick and saw the fireplace ablaze with a roaring fire, and candles covering every surface. "Here is fine." She looked into Nick's eyes. They stood in the hallway, regarding one another, until Nick pulled her toward him again. He held her close as he walked backwards into LaCroix's rooms.

Nick whispered into Natalie's ear, as his hands ran down her body, "Je sais ce que tu veux, Natalie, et j'ai l'intention de te le donner. Tu es a moi." <I know what you want, Natalie, and I intend on giving it to you. You are mine.>

Natalie's mind raced, trying to recall her French and translate Nick's words. Her eyes grew wide when she realized what Nick had said. Before she could reply, Nick covered her mouth with his.

Nick closed the door, and pushed Natalie against it. His tongue hungrily entered her mouth as his hands slid Natalie's coat down her arms. He ripped her shirt open, buttons flying all over the floor, and then quickly discarded her bra. His kisses traveled down her jaw to her neck. He whispered, "Mes levres--mon cou--mon..." <My lips--my neck--my...> Nick's speech was obscured as he took one of Natalie's nipples into his mouth.

"Tout ce que je suis est a toi," Natalie whispered, "pour la prise..." <Everything I am is yours, for the taking...>

Natalie opened her eyes and found Nick's golden one's staring directly at her. "Alors, je le prendrai." <Then I shall take it.> Nick growled as he devoured Natalie's mouth with his own. He picked her up and carried her to the fireplace. Gently he laid her down on the pile of blankets that had been arranged there, just for this purpose.

Nick stood over Natalie, looking down at her. He started to slowly unbutton his shirt. He eased it down his arms, never once breaking the lock he had on Natalie's gaze. Natalie licked her lips as Nick removed his shoes and socks, and started to work on his jeans. In seconds, he stood before her in only his silk boxers. He reached out his hand to her, and she grasped it.

Nick quickly pulled Natalie to her feet again, and crushed her body with his. He ripped her skirt off and growled at the feel of her garter and stockings. "Pourquoi dois-tu etre si sensuelle?" <Why do you have to be so sensual?> Nick whispered as he tore Natalie's thin panties from her body.

"Puisque tu m'aimes de cette facon." <Because you like me that way.> Nick's hands gripped Natalie's hair and they looked into each other's eyes, each challenging the other. Natalie's hand found Nick's manhood, and he closed his eyes at the pleasure of her warm touch.

Before Natalie could blink, Nick had picked her up and placed her back on the floor. Nick pulled his boxers off, then dropped to his knees at her feet. He bent down and ran his tongue up her right leg, to the top of her stocking. He nipped his way up her thigh toward her wetness. He breathed in the smell he loved dearly. It was her scent, as fresh and as distinctive as the first night they had met.

He captured Natalie's hands and held them to her sides, as his tongue parted her swollen lips. He closed his eyes, savoring Natalie's essence as her life flooded into his body, and his eyes popped wide open. His mouth was covered in Natalie's blood.

Natalie looked at Nick when his ministrations suddenly stopped. He was licking her blood from his lips. She thought for a moment. She hadn't felt him bite her...then she started to count days. Her face turned blood red as she stammered her apology, "Nick, I'm so sorry, I..."

Natalie stopped speaking when she felt Nick's tongue at work again. She moaned in approval, her embarrassment quickly forgotten.

Nick savored every drop of Nat's blood. Her love for him filled his body. He clasped her hands in his as he felt her climax rushing through her. "Beautiful," he whispered.

Before Natalie could regain her composure, Nick laid down beside her and pulled her on top of him. He pushed her thighs apart, lifted her slightly, and then brought her down on top of his hardened manhood.

Natalie's eyes popped open as first pain and then pleasure seared through her body. Nick's hands were on her hips, and guided her up and down, until Natalie took over her own rhythm, freeing Nick's hands to pleasure the rest of her body.

Natalie started to climax again, and Nick flipped her onto her back, grinding into her faster and harder. He slowed as Natalie's climax subsided. She opened her eyes and looked at Nick, pleasure still vibrating through her body with each of his thrusts.

"Enjoying?" he whispered as he nuzzled her neck, and started to gently nibble on her ear.

"Uh-huh." Natalie moaned as Nick started to move his hips in circles.

Nick held Natalie's hands above her head and stared down at her pleasure-filled features. "Come for me, Natalie, once more. Cette fois juste pour moi, mon amour." <This time just for me, my love.> Nick increased his rhthym and Natalie arched her back, desperately trying to push him inside her further. "That's my girl." He reached through his link with LaCroix and called him closer--the time had come.

Natalie screamed Nick's name as the latest of her orgasms rushed through her body. She felt Nick move her head to the side, and his fangs enter her neck.

The images assaulted Natalie, filling her mind to its capacity. Nick's love for her was the overwhelming feeling as she lost consciousness.

Nick retracted his fangs as he heard the door open.

"Quickly, Nicholas, or you will lose her."

Nick ripped his wrist open as he slid off of Natalie's body. He cradled her head on his lap as he placed his wrist to her lips. "Come back to me, my love, please."

LaCroix approached the pair, his eyebrow raised when he saw the blood on the blankets between Natalie's thighs. He quickly covered her body with a sheet from his bed. He brushed the hair from Natalie's face as he whispered to her, "Come back to my son, Natalie. Join our family."

Nick's body filled with panic as the seconds ticked by and Natalie still did not open her eyes. "Please, my love, I need you." LaCroix saw the tears forming in his son's eyes as he ripped his own wrist open and held it to Natalie's lips with Nick's.

Nick cooed his love to Natalie, as LaCroix implored her to please return to his son. It was to no avail. Her heartbeat continued to slow, until father and son looked into each other's tear-filled eyes.

"I'm truly sorry, mon ami." LaCroix put his hand on Nick's shoulder, as tears trailed down both men's faces.

Nick's head fell onto LaCroix's shoulder as their tears landed on Natalie's face. "What am I going to do?"

LaCroix heard eyelashes flutter and then a low growl. He pushed Nick off of him and shoved Nick's wrist toward Natalie's waiting mouth. "Now you will love her, forever." Tears streamed from Nick's eyes as he held Natalie to his body as she drank of his essence.

LaCroix stroked her face, and Natalie leaned into his touch. The tears of father and son had brought her back from the light, into a different kind of brightness. LaCroix kissed Natalie's forehead, then rose, leaving the lovers to their future.


Nick cradled Natalie in his arms, kissing the top of her head repeatedly. He carried her to LaCroix's bed in the other room, and gently placed her on the silk sheets. Natalie turned on her side, and Nick crawled in behind her, spooning her body to his. Together, Nick and Natalie drifted into dreams of their future--knowing that the twilight of darkness began with the dawn of their love.

The End

The twilight of darkness begins with the dawn of love - Thanks to Jody for this line, it is the DarkNN motto.


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