Two's Company, but Three's a Crowd!

Tyra - 1999

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For the Texasbrat and her wonderful Motto! Written to her specifications.

The twilight of darkness begins with the dawn of love...


I don't own them, etc...

This is an Adult story, act accordingly.

Nick and Natalie giggled their way into the loft. They had spent the last 9 hours at the "Lethal Weapon" movie marathon at the local theater. Natalie had promised to go with Nick after he had escorted her to the Coroners' dance at the last convention she had been forced to attend. She would never admit it to him, but she loved the movies as much as he did. Good strong character development, action, love, and Mel did have a nice tush.

Nick swept Nat into his arms and danced with her around the loft.

"You're in a jovial mood tonight."

"Why shouldn't I be? I got to hold hands with a beautiful woman while watching the bad guys get the stuffing beat out of them. All in all a great night." Nick twirled Natalie away from him and went to the kitchen. "Do you want a glass of wine? I bought a new Zinfandel that I thought you would like."

"Sure, but you'll be stuck with me. You know how I am when I get a glass or two of wine in me."

"I've had first-hand experience," Nick softly whispered. He remembered the last police awards banquet. Natalie had had several glasses of wine and was all over him. She had blown in his ear, grabbed his thigh, kissed him gently on the lips at every opportunity, and to top the evening off, she pinched his rear on the way to the car--repeatedly.

Nick poured Nat a glass of wine and himself some dinner, and went to join her on the couch. Natalie took her wine from Nick and smiled at him. She is in a flirty mood tonight, Nick thought.

About an hour and three glasses of wine later, Natalie pounced Nick. Her hand had slid up his leg to the place where his charms were hidden, and her kisses went up his neck to his ear and then around to his mouth. Nick just about flew off the couch when he felt her tongue on his fangs.

Even though his mind screamed for him to stop, he couldn't. He pulled her closer to him, deepening their kiss. Natalie's hand explored further, finding the zipper to his pants, and easing it down.

Nick jumped when he felt Natalie's hand on his manhood. She pulled away from him and gazed into his golden eyes.

The realization quickly hit Natalie that she was playing with fire. What was she doing?! she thought to herself! She had her hands inside the pants of a vampire--a very attractive, great kissing, extremely well-endowed vampire, but a vampire nonetheless. Natalie let out a little scream, covered her mouth with her hand and withdrew to the other side of the couch.

"I'm sorry, Nick. The--the--wine, it just makes me lose all control. I--I--I should be going. I'll call a taxi--that's it. I'll call a taxi and leave you to--to--to be alone, and finish, to take care of yourself." Natalie had risen from the couch and had started to put on her shoes. She opened her cellular phone on the way to the lift.

Nick grabbed Nat's wrist, and the cell phone dropped to the floor. "Don't leave, Nat. Please."

Nat knew the look Nick was giving her, it was his puppy-dog, I-want-something look. The only problem was this time he wanted her. Wait, she thought, is that really a problem? Yikes! Vampire--he is a vampire, blood sucker. You have to remember that, Lambert, she thought.

"Nick, I think I better go. It's just not safe if I stay. We might do something we would regret."

"Like what?" Nick pulled Natalie into his arms and slowly started to back her up towards the lift's closed door.

"What do you mean, 'like what'? You know like what."

"I want you, Natalie."

"Well, you'll just have to wait. I'm sorry for teasing you, Nick, but you are a vampire, remember!"

"You seemed to have forgotten that fact. Why can't I?" Nick's lips were inches away from Natalie's. There was nowhere for her to go. He had pushed her up against the loft's door, his hardness pressing into her groin.

"I remembered, Nick, and now I'm going to go home and..." Natalie's voice trailed off at the thought of what she would go home and do, again.

"What would you go home and do, Natalie? Tell me." Nick whispered seductively into Natalie's ear as his tongue traced its outline. His kisses followed her jaw line to her lips. "Would you go home and touch yourself? Bring yourself pleasure?" Nick's tongue now traced Natalie's lips, and she moaned. Her head nodded Yes to his questions. "Do you know I would be here doing the same thing, Nat? I would be touching myself, daydreaming of you, and what I want to do to you."

Nick's hand had managed to unbutton and unzip Natalie's jeans. He tried to ease his hands into her panties, but there was not enough room. He quickly ripped the jeans from her body, his hand touching the soft cotton of her panties.

"You're so wet, Natalie. Why are you wet?"

Natalie's breathing became more labored as Nick's fingers stroked her through her soaked panties. "I--I..."

Natalie couldn't speak as Nick's fingers moved the leg band aside and touched her soft, wet folds. His mouth trailed kisses down her neck toward her breasts.

Nick sucked on Nat's hardened nipple through her sweatshirt. "They're so hard, Natalie. Is it because of me? Because of us? Do you like what I'm doing, Natalie?" Nat nodded her head in response, unable to find her voice. Nick's fangs gently entered the soft skin of Natalie's neck. In an instant he knew what she wanted, and he retracted his fangs. "So that's what you want?" Nick looked Natalie in the eye, and smiled wickedly.

Natalie gasped at the look she saw on Nick's face. A moment before he took action, she realized what he had seen in her blood.

Nick unbuttoned his pants, and ripped them and his silk boxers from his body. He entered Natalie quickly as his mouth descended on hers.

Natalie moaned his name as she felt Nick lift her up off the ground. She wrapped her legs around his midsection, trying desperately to draw him further inside of her. Her kisses traveled down his neck, gently sucking at the vein that pulsated with his excitement.

Nick lifted Natalie quickly off of his manhood and unwrapped her legs from around him. When she tried to protest, Nick covered her mouth with his, picking her up and flying her to his bedroom.

He sat Nat down on her feet and grabbed her sweatshirt at the neckline, tearing it from her body. He reached behind her with one hand and undid her bra, sliding it down her arms and to the floor. "I had to see them," Nick whispered, as his hands found Nat's breasts, and kneaded them. He rolled the hardened nipples between his fingers, and Natalie sighed, throwing her head back.

Nick took each nipple into his mouth and suckled, his fangs lightly grazing the sensitive skin. Natalie moaned louder each time she felt him take her blood.

Nick lifted his head and looked at Natalie. She wanted him to take her, to claim her, and he would. She was his.

He picked up Natalie and placed her on the bed. He ripped his shirt from his body, and climbed on top of her. He grabbed her hands and held them above her head with one of his hands, as the other quickly spread her legs.

He rubbed the tip of his hardness up and down her wetness, stopping to make circles around her hardened nub. When Natalie closed her eyes, about to climax, Nick drove inside her. Natalie's eyes popped open as her orgasm rushed over her.

Nick's movements were furious and desperate. He wanted this woman as he had wanted no other. His fingers stroked Nat's clit as he increased his pace.

Nat's second orgasm rushed over her body as Nick's fangs entered her neck. At the same time, his bloodseed spilled into her body.

Nat prepared herself to die or to come across, but right before she thought she would lose consciousness from blood loss, she felt Nick's fangs retract from her neck.

Nick kissed Natalie on the mouth, her blood still on his tongue and fangs. She eagerly kissed him back, pulling him toward her. They had made love and she had lived. A lethal weapon, he wasn't. Well, at least not tonight, Nat thought.

Natalie and Nick cuddled, finding a peaceful sleep in each other's arms.



He stood at the foot of the bed, looking intently at the lovers. The covers had slipped slightly down their bodies, and the woman's breasts were exposed to his view. They were lovely, he thought, so incredibly round and fair. He licked his lips at the thought of tasting them and watching the blood drip down to the hardened nipples.

Well, it seems his son had found a way to make love to Natalie without having to sacrifice her to death or to the night. He had wondered if Nicholas would ever figure out that as a vampire aged, many things that weren't possible in youth became possible.

LaCroix walked toward the side of the bed on which Natalie laid. He reached out and stroked her nipple with his fingers. Gently at first, but then with increasing pressure. He heard her moan in ecstasy as he pinched it. Natalie rolled onto her back, opening herself to her lover's touch.

With his other hand, LaCroix gave Natalie's other nipple the same attention he had given the first. Silently, he dropped to his knees, his mouth finding her breast. He sucked gently at first, but increased the pressure. As his hand slipped under the sheet toward Natalie's wetness, he let his fang slightly enter her skin.

He withdrew his mouth from her nipple and smiled. She thought he was Nicholas or that she was dreaming. He felt her shiver as his cool finger parted her lips and gently entered her. His thumb stroked her clit until it hardened under his touch. He removed his hand and brought it to his mouth.

He tasted the mixture of Natalie's juices and Nick's blood on his fingers. So, passionate, he thought, and forceful. He smiled. He quickly returned his hands to Natalie's mound as his mouth hungrily devoured her nipples.

Nick's eyes popped open when he felt Natalie stroking him. He was already hard and wasn't sure he could control himself. He reached for her hand to stop her. At the same time his eyes met his Master's.

LaCroix released Natalie's nipple from his mouth and looked at his son. Nicholas had bared his fangs and was growling at him.

"Get your hands off of her!" Nick started to move toward his father.

LaCroix pulled a dazed Natalie to her feet and held her naked body in front of his. "She is so easy to pleasure, Nicholas. I see you finally 'took her.' Demanded that she yield to your yearnings to touch her, feel her, taste her, and enter her."

Nick rose to his knees on the bed facing LaCroix. "Let her go, LaCroix!"

"But I wasn't done yet. She is dripping. Look at how her juices are running down her leg, or are they yours?" LaCroix ran his finger up Natalie's leg toward her crotch, capturing the slippery mixture on his finger. He brought it to his mouth and tasted it. "I believe it is both of your juices, and they do taste so delicious together."

Nick lunged for LaCroix, but LaCroix quickly moved out of the way. "Now, Nicholas, you know you won't be able to catch me, and if you do, you risk hurting your precious Natalie."

Natalie was wide awake now, and realized that she was naked in the arms of a vampire she really did not care too much for, LaCroix. She pleaded to Nick with her eyes for him to do something.

"Oh, don't worry. Nicholas, I don't want to 'take her,' as you did. I only wished to taste her, and I have. And now I want to watch." LaCroix quickly turned Natalie around in his arms and captured her gaze with his own. Focusing on her heartbeat, the older vampire instructed her as to what to do.

Before Nick knew what happened, Natalie had pushed him backwards onto the bed and climbed on top of him. She sat down on him, his hardened member quickly entering her fully. Natalie gasped at the feeling and smiled wickedly at Nick. Her fingernails raked down the front of Nick's chest as she started to ride him.

Nick tried to push her off, but Natalie kept moving his hands away. "Don't you like what I'm doing?"

Nick growled, "Yes, of course, but I would rather do it alone."

"We are alone." Natalie whispered back as she started to make circles with her hips.

LaCroix smiled. He had slipped that last line in at the very end of his instructions, on the hope she would forget his presence, and lose all of her inhibitions. She was doing just as he instructed.

Nick's hands found Natalie' waist and brought her harder down onto him. Natalie purred at the increased pressure on her clit. She closed her eyes and continued to ride Nick.

LaCroix stood slightly behind Natalie by the bed. He reached his hand in between Natalie's and Nick's bodies, finding Nat's clit. He roughly rubbed it with his fingers as his other hands pulled Natalie's hair aside, exposing her neck to his and Nick's view.

"Either you or I will bring her across. It is your choice." LaCroix's eyes bored into Nick's, and his son knew his Master was not kidding. Nick nodded his head, and as Natalie screamed, signaling her orgasm, LaCroix lowered her neck down to his son's waiting mouth.

Nick drank deeply, but stopped before the life had completely left his love. She tasted so sweet with her orgasm and her love for him, but he felt his father's hand on his shoulder and his thoughts through their bloodlink, telling him to stop.

"Give her your blood quickly, Nicholas, or you will lose her."

Nick ripped the vein at his neck open and brought Natalie's mouth down to it. He closed his eyes and waited. He felt her sharp fangs as they entered his skin, and she sucked his blood for the first of many times to come.

"Congratulations, Nicholas. It seems you were finally able to bring across a woman you truly love. I guess you just needed the right incentive. You'll find your refrigerator stocked with the necessary bloodwine. I will send over an additional crate tomorrow." LaCroix turned to leave. "And Nicholas," he said as he reached the door, "no cow for a long time. Understand?"

Nick nodded his approval as he pulled Natalie from his neck.

LaCroix looked back at the lovers before he left the bedroom. They were locked in a passionate kiss, Nick's blood smeared on both of their faces, their bodies already starting to move as one again. LaCroix smiled at the joy he felt from his son. He took to the sky, barely reaching the Raven before dawn.


Natalie released Nick's mouth and looked into his eyes. "Is he gone?"


"You know who. LaCroix."

" remember he was here?"

"Repeat after me: Resistor."

"But--you--in front of--and he touched you!"

"Nick! I'm hungry, very hungry." Natalie's golden eyes started to tinge with red. Nick gathered her into his arms and flew her toward the kitchen, and the much-needed bloodwine.

As Natalie drank from bottle after bottle, Nick held her in his arms, and whispered in her ear, "Don't think that you still don't have some explaining to do, but I love you, Natalie Lambert."

Natalie sat the bottle down and turned to face Nick. "I love you, too, Dad."

Smiles slowly crept onto both of their faces as they started to giggle. Before long Nick had laid Natalie on the dining room table. Her legs wrapped around his waist, as he made love to her for what would be the first of many, many times over the next few days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, and if they were lucky, millennia that they would spend together.


The End


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