The Storm

Tyra - 1998

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This story occurs after the events in 'Human Factor.' In my universe, Last Knight did not happen and Schanke is alive

and well. Rose colored glasses are a good thing.


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Dedicated to the Nick and Nat Pack

Natalie jumped when she heard the thunder. Storm sounds didn't usually bother her when she was at work, but

tonight was slow. She had been reading an article in a forensics journal. If she was honest with herself, she wasn't

concentrating on the article she was reading. Her mind kept drifting back to last night's movie date with Nick. They

had watched "Ladyhawke." When she had cried, Nick had held her. His lips showered her with kisses on her hair,

forehead, and cheeks. Briefly, their lips met in a gentle kiss, but Nick had pulled away to rewind the tape in the VCR.

Ever since Janette's reappearance, the affectionate moments between them had increased. Although Nick said he

wouldn't try Janette's cure for fear of hurting Natalie, his eyes, his hands, and his lips said something different. Natalie

could feel how much Nick cared for her. It radiated from his body. It was in his eyes when he looked at her. It was in

the way he always touched her when they were together. With every touch, the unspoken words that their love could

save him hung between them.

The thunder roared again and startled Natalie from her thoughts of Nick. She started to worry about Sydney. He

was at home alone, and she decided since it wasn't busy, she would book off early and check on him. Sydney didn't

like storms either. Usually, he hid underneath the bed until they had passed. She gathered her things and quickly

headed for the door.

Her umbrella refused to open as she stepped out into the rain. She decided to make a run for it and headed for the

car. She was soaking wet by the time she was safely inside. Lightning streaked across the sky, followed by a loud

clap of thunder. Natalie's heart started beating faster and she realized her breathing was heavy. She forced herself to

start the car and head for home. As Natalie drove, the storm seemed to be moving away from her. Her breathing

returned to normal, and she laughed at how silly she was to be so frightened of a storm.

Natalie heard a loud bang and then lost control of her car. One of the front tires had blown. She tried to pull the

car back onto the road but failed. She came to an abrupt stop in a ditch. She was shaking from the surprise of losing

control of her car. She reached for her cell phone and let out a small scream as the thunder and lightning reappeared in

front of her. The rain was coming down in sheets. She dialed Nick's number out of instinct. It was his night off, and

she knew he would probably be at home.


Nick had spent the night washing clothes, playing the piano and rewatching the movie Natalie had rented the night

before. It had touched his emotions. The back of the video talked of the lovers' curse of being "always together,

eternally apart." To him, it described his relationship with Natalie. He could feel how entwined their souls were. He

couldn't imagine life without her by his side. It scared him, but more than anything he didn't want to hurt her. She was

the most precious thing in his life. When he made her smile, he felt her joy and her love for him. The phone startled

him out of his thoughts.



"Nick, I need you."

Nick started to get worried. He could hear the panic in Natalie's voice. "Nat, what's happened?"

Natalie could feel the tears filling her eyes and she could no longer hold them back. Her sobs were audible to

Nick. "My car… flat tire… ditch… rain… NICK!" Natalie screamed, the thunder frightening her. She thought she

saw someone approaching her car in the brightness of the lightning that streaked in front of her. "Nick, someone is

approaching the car."

In the most authoritative voice he had, Nick said, "Nat, where are you?"

"I'm about a mile from my apartment. Nick, someone is coming toward me!"

Nick heard Natalie scream his name as he opened the skylight and took to the sky.


Natalie started to panic when Nick didn't answer her. She hoped he was flying to rescue her. The thunder filled her

ears as she desperately tried to find the man she thought she saw in the lightning.

She screamed when a figure appeared in front of her. She breathed a sigh of relief when she realized it was Nick.

Nick tried to open the door, but it was jammed. He ripped it from its hinges. Nick gathered Natalie in his arms,

removing her from the car and carrying her up the embankment. He set her down on her feet, and she collapsed into

his embrace, letting her tears flow freely.

Nick could feel the presence of another of his kind nearby. He held Nat closer at the thought that he could have

lost her. "Let's get you home." Nick held her tightly and took to the air, headed to the loft.


Nick landed in front of the fireplace and set Natalie down. Natalie looked up at him, her makeup washed from her

face by the rain. "Thank you, Nick." She kissed him gently on the lips.

"Stay by the fire. I need to get you some towels and something to change into." Nick kissed Natalie on top of the

head before he disappeared upstairs. The sweats Nat kept at his apartment were in the washer, so he grabbed two pairs

of his silk pajamas and a stack of towels.

Nick quickly returned to Nat and helped her out of her wet coat. "We need to get you out of your wet clothes

before you can catch a cold." Nick started to unbutton Nat's shirt.

Natalie smiled at Nick and started to unbutton his shirt. "You don't need to stay in your wet clothes, either."

Nick pulled Natalie's shirt out of her skirt and eased it down her arms. His fingers on her bare skin made her

shiver. Natalie closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of Nick undressing her. Nick stopped and looked at Natalie. His

eyes trailed down to the black lace bra that kept Natalie's breasts from his view. His hands cupped her breasts and his

fingers gently stroked her nipples. Natalie's head rolled backwards as a soft moan escaped her lips. As Nick's hands

reached behind Natalie to unclasp her bra, his lips gently touched her neck at her jugular vein. Nick was entranced by

the smell of her blood. The sound of it rushing through her body called to him. He started to nibble at Natalie's neck.

Natalie's eyes opened, and a smile spread across her face. Her hands entwined in Nick's hair and pulled him closer

to her neck. "Nick," she whispered.

Nick buried his face in Natalie's hair, resisting the call of her blood. His fingers unclasped her bra, and he pushed

the straps down her arms. Nick's eyes feasted on Natalie's bare breasts. "Natalie, you're beautiful." Natalie shivered,

and it reminded Nick why he was undressing her. "Right, we need to get you warm." Nick handed Natalie a towel,

and she started to dry her hair. He reached for a second towel and gently ran it down her arms, back and breasts,

drying her skin. Natalie started to dry Nick's hair. She removed his shirt and started to dry his chest.

Nick pulled Natalie's skirt off and then her stockings. He dried her legs one by one. He turned and reached for the

pajamas. Natalie embraced him from behind, her bare breasts pressing into his back. Nick's eyes closed as he enjoyed

the warmth of Natalie's skin on his. "Thank you for rescuing me tonight." She gently kissed his bare shoulders.

Nick pulled away from Natalie and handed her a pair of pajamas. "Let's finish getting you warm." Nick turned to

stoke the fire.

Natalie was disappointed that Nick had pulled away from her. Each time they were together, they got closer and

closer to being intimate. She took solace in that thought.

Natalie put on the pajamas Nick had given her. "Nick, you need to get out of the rest of your wet clothes, too." She

reached for the button on his jeans and undid it. Nick grabbed her hands before they made it to his zipper.

"Let's get you into a nice hot bath first." Nick took Natalie's hand in his and led her up the stairs to his bathroom.

He turned the water on in his oversized Jacuzzi tub. "Let's see. I think I have some oils in here that you would like."

Nick opened the medicine cabinet and looked for just the right bottle of bath oil. He looked at Natalie and smiled

playfully. "I think you'll like this one. It's a massage oil, but it should work just fine in the bath, too." He held the

bottle under Natalie's nose for her approval.

Natalie smiled. "Mmm, that's nice. What is it?"

"It is a secret formula that was imparted to me while I was in the Orient. I can tell you it has sandalwood, ylang

ylang, and clove essential oils in the blend. It's believed that the oils have aphrodisiac qualities, and that they also help

people to relax." Nick poured a generous amount into the hot bath water and the erotic scent started to fill the room.

"It's heavenly, Nick." Natalie smiled at Nick and started to unbutton her pajama top. "Will you wash my back?"

Nick tried to avert his eyes. Natalie was tempting to him tonight. If he was honest with himself, Natalie was

tempting every night. He had enjoyed rescuing her and seeing her naked body. Nick stammered his reply. "I wanted

to make you a place to curl up in by the fire. I'll come back up after you've soaked and help." Nick opened the

bathroom cabinet under the sink and pulled out a pink bottle. "Here, this is bubble bath if you want some bubbles in


water." Nick handed Nat the bottle and exited quickly.

Natalie giggled and put the bubble bath back in the cabinet. Nick wasn't getting out of it that easy. He had infused

her bath with aphrodisiac oils and then didn't stick around to see her enjoy it. If ever there was a man in conflict over

his wants, she thought, it was Nick.


Nick busied himself placing pillows and blankets on the floor in front of the fireplace. He had hoped that Nat

would tire of waiting for him and would get out of the tub, but no such luck. He climbed the stairs, praying that Natalie

had made use of the bubble bath he had given her.


When Nick opened the bathroom door, he saw Natalie with her head leaned back, eyes closed, smile on her face,

and no bubbles anywhere on her body. Natalie opened her eyes and slowly turned her head toward Nick to look at


"Nick, this is wonderful." She held out her hand to him. He took it and knelt down by the tub. Their eyes locked,

and she let her fingers trail up his still naked arm and into his hair. "Thank you for playing hero tonight for me. I

needed you and you were there. Thank you." She leaned up out of the tub and kissed Nick on the lips. His arms

wrapped around her naked flesh before he could think. Her hand pulled him deeper into their kiss. When their lips

parted, Natalie whispered into Nick's ear, "There is room enough for two in here."

Nick didn't allow himself to think. If he did, he knew he would flee but the part of him that was a man wanted to

touch her and wanted to feel her naked body against his. He didn't stop Natalie this time when she reached for the

button and then the zipper of his jeans. He stood up and let his jeans and boxers fall to the floor. "Mind if I get in

behind you?"

Natalie responded by scooting towards the front of the tub. She closed her eyes as she felt Nick's cool skin making

contact with hers. Nick pulled her back against his chest, his arms wrapping around her waist.

"Nick, I always feel safe when I am with you. Tonight, when my car went off the road and I was scared, I didn't

even think. I just dialed your number. We take good care of each other, don't we?" Natalie smiled as she relaxed her

head against Nick's shoulder, while her hands gently stroked his thighs.

Nick kissed Natalie's cheek and said, "yes, we do take care of each other." He started to nuzzle Nat's neck, enjoying

the feel of her being so close.

Natalie closed her eyes and was asleep in a few minutes. Nick listened to her heartbeat and breathing slow. He

enjoyed holding her, feeling her naked flesh against his. It wasn't hard for him to imagine that this was a part of their

nightly ritual. He smiled at the thought at what would follow their nightly baths. They would both be able to give in to

the emotions that the bath oil aroused.

He could imagine what Schanke would say if he knew what he and Nat were doing right now. "You were both in

an erotic oil-scented bath, naked, and you two say you are just friends? Yeah, right!" Nick smiled at the thought of not

being just friends with Natalie. Visions of making love to Natalie filled his thoughts as she peacefully slept in his arms.


Natalie woke up and shivered. The water had turned cold, and she was freezing again. Nick felt Natalie shivering.

He stood up and reached for a towel, wrapping it around his waist. "You're cold again. Let's get you dried off and

downstairs in front of the fire." Natalie took Nick's offered hand. She stepped out of the tub and into a towel Nick

held for her. He wrapped it around her and grabbed another to dry her arms and hair. Natalie grabbed the other end

of the towel and started to dry Nick.

"Why don't you get dressed and I'll go check on the fire?" Nick leaned down, kissed Natalie on the forehead, and

left before she could answer. It wasn't until he was half-way down the stairs that he realized he wasn't wearing his

towel any longer.


Natalie didn't want Nick to leave her. She wanted to feel his hands on her body again. But if he was going to leave

her to dress herself, she was at the very least going to enjoy the view as he left. His butt was firm and rounded, just

right for her hands to cup, she thought, and the front view wasn't disappointing either. Her eyes filled with lust as she

watched Nick leave. She had undone the towel around his waist when he kissed her. She let it drop to the floor as she

reached for the silk pajamas.


Nick put on the second pair of pajamas he had brought downstairs, and then put more wood on the fire. The storm

had died down after he and Natalie had arrived at the loft, but he could hear it starting up again. He turned when he

heard Natalie scream on the stairs as the thunder shook the loft. He flew to her and gathered her in his arms. Natalie

was shaking. He stroked her hair and whispered, "it's ok, Nat. I'm here. Nothing will happen to you."

Nick carried Nat over to the fireplace and set her down on the pallet of blankets and pillows he had created. Natalie

wouldn't let go of him, so he settled down beside her, cradling her in his arms. Nick gently rocked her as she stiffened

when the sound of thunder once again filled the loft. "Nick, please, close the shutters so we can't hear the storm."

Nick kissed Natalie, and released her to look for the remote control. He found it on the mantel and closed the

shutters. He lit the candles on the mantel and turned back to Natalie who had pulled a blanket up around her and was

rocking back and forth. Concern filled Nick's heart. He had never seen Nat like this. "Nat, what's wrong?"

"I just don't like storms, Nick. The thunder scares me."

Nick joined Nat on the floor and he pulled her back into his embrace. "Nat, you are more than scared. I've never

seen you like this." Natalie looked into his eyes and saw the concern there. Her eyes filled with tears, and she buried

her head in his chest. "Natalie, please, tell me. I love you. I cannot bear for you to be so frightened."

Natalie's eyes grew wide, and then she looked away from Nick. She knew he loved her as a friend, but that wasn't

what how she felt for him. "Natalie, did you hear me! I love you and I want to know why you are so scared!" Nick

cupped Natalie's chin and turned her eyes to his. He couldn't believe what he was saying, but he knew it was true.

"I know you love me as a friend, Nick, but…"

"Natalie, if I only loved you as a friend, I wouldn't be taking your clothes off, or getting into a tub naked with you or

kissing you like this." Nick grabbed Natalie and hungrily covered her mouth with his. His tongue gently parted her

lips. Natalie allowed Nick's passion to engulf her.

Nick gave into his feelings for Natalie. He lost himself in her scent and taste. His desire flooded out of him, his

hands reaching for and finding her hungry flesh. Her breasts easily molded to his hands, and her nipples hardened

under his touch. Natalie returned his kisses and explored his mouth with her tongue. She unbuttoned his pajama top

and let her hands roam over his chest.

Natalie's tongue scrapped along the bottom of one of Nick's fangs when it descended. The blood rushed into

Nick's system and instantly he knew her. He knew her passions, her hopes, her dreams and her fears. He knew her

love. He pulled her closer, wanting her love to surround him, to fill him, to complete him. He felt the vampire take over

as he pulled his mouth away from hers and turned her head to gain access to her neck. Natalie moaned in anticipation

as Nick growled.

Nick lowered his lips to Natalie's neck, smelling her beautiful blood. It enticed him, calling his name. Nick's mind

raced with the emotions he had felt from Natalie. She loved him, deeply, and trusted him. He knew his love was

returned, but would it still be if she knew the things that he had done? If he fed on her blood, she would know him as

he now knew her, completely. Nick wasn't ready for complete honesty. He broke away from Natalie and flew to the

kitchen. His need was so great he tore the refrigerator door off its hinges to reach the blood contained within.

Natalie was startled when Nick moved away from her so quickly. She had thought he was ready to express all of

his feelings for her. "Nick," she turned and looked at Nick drinking blood straight from the bottle, "I love you, too."

Nick couldn't believe what he was hearing. As Natalie looked at him, drinking blood straight from the bottle, she

was telling him that she loved him. He knew it was true. She did love him. She loved both the vampire and the man.

"How could you love this, Natalie, how?"

"Nick, I know you tasted my blood. I know you understand how I feel about you." She rose from the blankets and

walked toward him. Her hand touched his cheek as she whispered, "I love you, all of you. Nick, we have to try

Janette's cure. I can't go on this way, especially now that I know you love me too."

"Natalie, I can't…"

"Can't or won't, Nick, which is it? Are you afraid of what I will learn about you?" Natalie's voice started to get

louder as her anger rose to the surface.

Nick turned away from Natalie; he was too embarrassed to face her. "Natalie, you can't imagine the things that I

have done."

"Nick, I can and I have. I know you killed for pleasure, not just to survive. I know you are ashamed of what you

did, I know you want to hide it from me, but if we are ever going to be together, I am going to know."

"I don't want you to know what I have done, who I have been. I don't want you to…"

Natalie took Nick's face in her hands and forced him to look at her, "No matter what you have done, I won't stop

loving you. I love you for who you are right this minute, and without the things you did and experienced in the past,

you would not be who you are. And before you bring them up, I know there are risks involved, and I am willing to

take them. I know the consequences. I don't want to die, Nick; I want to be with you. In the light of day or the dark of

night, it doesn't matter to me."

Nick looked deeply into Natalie's eyes. Truth. Did he have the courage to let her see, feel, touch and taste the truth

about him? "Natalie, I…"

"Shhhh," Natalie put her fingers to Nick's lips, "don't say anything. Let's just enjoy being together and being in

love with each other. Let nature and God take care of the rest." She took him by the hand and led him back to the

fireplace. Nick joined her on the floor. He pulled her into his arms so that her head rested on his chest.


For a while, Nick and Natalie cuddled in silence, enjoying the closeness. Nick was the first to speak. "Natalie?"

"Yes." Natalie shifted in Nick's arms so she could look into his eyes.

Nick stroked Natalie's cheek. "I know the thunder and lightning scares you. That much was in your blood, but I

couldn't see what caused you to be so scared. Please, tell me why?"

"Nick, I know it's silly to be scared of thunder and lightning, but I am. It started when I was a child."

"What happened, Nat? I promise not to laugh." He pulled Nat closer to him and kissed her on the lips.

"It was right after my parents died. There was a very bad storm one night, and I was shaking and crying, I was so

scared. My grandmother yelled at me and told me to stop. I just got more scared. She yelled and yelled at me that

night. After that, when it would rain, I would hide so she wouldn't know that I was scared and crying."

Nick kissed Natalie. "I'm so sorry she didn't comfort you when you were scared. Anytime there is a storm and

you need me, I will hold you and love you."

Natalie's eyes filled with tears. Nick's love was so tangible to her now. She didn't know why she hadn't seen it

clearly before, but now she did, and in the end that was all that mattered. The tears slid down her face as Nick covered

her with kisses.

"Are you hungry? You could fix yourself some popcorn and I could play piano for you?"

"Popcorn and piano, sounds wonderful." Natalie kissed Nick one more time and got up from her comfortable

resting place. Nick followed her to the kitchen. Natalie pointed to the refrigerator door. Nick blushed and put it back

in place after getting Natalie a diet coke.

"Shoo, go play. I'll make the popcorn."

Nick walked to the piano and opened the keyboard cover. "How about some Beethoven?"

"That would be nice." Natalie put the popcorn in the microwave and walked over to the piano to listen to Nick play

while she waited. Nick started to play "Moonlight Sonata." Natalie smiled and closed her eyes. She was quickly lost

in the music and didn't hear the microwave when it started to beep. Natalie opened her eyes when Nick stopped


"Your popcorn is ready, Nat."

Natalie walked over to the microwave and retrieved her popcorn. She poured it into a bowl and walked back toward

the piano. "Nick, play that one again."

"As you wish!" Nick enjoyed playing for Natalie. She really listened to the music and lost herself in its emotions.

She sat the bowl on the table and started to move to the music. Her eyes shut as she imagined dancing with Nick at a

grand ballroom while Beethoven played.

Nick smiled at Natalie as the song concluded. Natalie opened her eyes and looked at Nick. She grabbed the

popcorn bowl and sat beside Nick on the piano bench. "Tell me about Beethoven, Nick. What was he like?"

"He was obsessed with his music. It was his passion. He breathed, ate and slept it. It was his emotional outlet."

"You're lucky to have known him, Nick. Later, will you tell me some stories about him?"

"Next time there is a storm, I promise to cuddle you and tell you

stories. How about Schubert's "Impromptu" next?"

"That's one of my favorites." Natalie kissed Nick on the cheek and got up. She settled back into the blankets in

front of the fireplace with her popcorn.

Nick played again, and Natalie lost herself in the music. She leaned back into the blankets and stretched her arms

above her head. When Nick finished the song, he turned to look at Natalie. He looked at her stretched out before

him. She was stunning with her hair spread out around her. Her pajama top had pulled up, revealing the underneath of

her breasts to Nick's view. His eyes devoured her beauty. Nick slammed the piano shut.

Natalie's eyes opened and she smiled at him. "That was beautiful, Nick. I could listen to you play all night."

Nick left the piano and walked towards Natalie. "Maybe another night."

Natalie saw the look of desire in Nick's eyes and blushed. She reached out her hand to him and he kissed it. Nick

turned her hand over and kissed her palm. Slowly, he kissed his way down the inside of her arm. He nuzzled her

neck, gently nibbling a path to her ear. He whispered, "I want to make-love to you, Natalie."

Natalie whispered back, "I want you too, Nick. I know you will need my blood. I trust you to take care of me,

whatever happens."

"We'll know each other completely; there will be no secrets."

"I won't leave you, Nick. I will not stop loving you. Trust me."

"I do," Nick whispered, as he covered Natalie's mouth with his own. He let his fears melt away with each kiss. Her

tongue caressed his, drawing him deeper into her mouth. Nick could feel her hardening nipples pressing into his chest

through the thin silk top. His hands instinctively caressed them.

Natalie lost herself in Nick and the feelings of finally making love to him. His tongue was so soft and cool in her

mouth, it sent tingles through her body. Her hands stroked his hair, traveling down to his arms.

They stopped kissing and looked into each other's eyes. Smiles spread across their faces. They both looked down

and started to unbutton the other's top. A nervous giggle escaped Natalie's lips, but it turned to a moan when Nick's

cool hands caressed her naked breasts. Her hands explored his chest, easing the top off his shoulders and onto the

floor. She leaned forward and started to kiss along his collarbone and up his neck. Nick moaned deep in his throat.

He tore the pajamas top from her body and pulled her against his chest. His mouth found hers again.

Natalie embraced Nick, pulling him closer to her. She could feel his hardness pressing against her. She ran her

fingers lightly across his shoulders, and then let her fingernails gently run down his back. Nick broke their kiss, his

head falling back as a soft growl escaped his lips. Natalie let her hands find their way inside his pajama bottoms to

cup his rear, pulling his hardness tighter against her. Natalie looked at Nick. His eyes were now golden. With one of

her hands, she pulled his lips back to hers. She let her tongue caress his fangs. Nick tried to pull away, but her hand

held his mouth to hers. Her tongue continued its ministrations to Nick's fangs. Nick growled. Natalie was bringing

him to new heights of arousal. Her hand inside his pajamas slid around to the front to caress his manhood.

Nick gave in to Natalie's advances. His hands stroked her nipples, teasing them with gentle pinches between his

fingers. He let his kisses trail down her neck, letting his fangs gently scrap her skin. Natalie gasped with surprise, her

grip on his hardness tightening. Nick smiled as he let his tongue trace its way to her nipple. He sucked her nipple,

letting his tongue flicker across it. Natalie stroked him, enjoying the feel of him growing in her hand. Nick kissed his

way from Natalie's left breast to her right. He sucked gently again, his fangs slightly piercing her delicate skin. Her

blood filled his mouth and he pulled away. Images of Natalie's desire for him filled his mind.

Natalie had stiffened when she felt Nick's fangs enter her breast, but then she relaxed into the images. She saw his

desires for her, his dreams of bringing her across, and the self-hatred that filled him because of them. She looked at

him, but Nick turned away, embarrassed that Natalie knew his true desires. She turned his face to hers.

"Nick, I love you."

Nick looked into her bright eyes and saw her unconditional love.

Finally, he gave into his desires completely. His mouth devoured her neck, and his hands pulled her pajama bottoms

off. Her scent assaulted him. He nibbled his way down to her wetness, his tongue hungrily licking at her moistness.

His hands circled behind her and raised her hips toward his mouth. Natalie's body withered as the tingling of her

orgasm stretched from her nub through her body. Nick continued licking her hard nub, sucking it gently into his


Natalie tried to pull away from Nick's mouth, the feelings becoming too intense. "Nick, please, I need you inside of


"As you wish," he growled. Nick tore his pajama bottoms from his body and quickly moved up her body,

positioning himself between her legs. Natalie could feel his manhood pressing against her, demanding entrance into

her soft core. Nick's golden eyes looked into Natalie's, and she pulled him into her embrace. Their mouths met as

Natalie's hand guided him inside of her. They both shuddered from the intimate contact.

Nick moved in and out of Natalie. Their hands explored each other's bodies. Their kisses grew in intensity as their

rhthym increased. Natalie met each of Nick's thrust with her own, her hips rising from the blankets, her back arching

as she tried to pull him deeper inside her. Nick's thrusts became harder, and his kisses traveled down her neck. His

hand slipped between them so he could stroke her sensitive nub.

"I love you, Natalie, forever," Nick whispered.

Natalie screamed in ecstasy as she felt Nick's fangs enter her neck at the pinnacle of her orgasm. Nick pumped

harder inside of her, his fluids spilling into her body as her blood filled his mouth.

The images assaulted both of them. Their minds reeling from the secrets that were revealed.

Natalie fought to get control of the images that rushed to become a part of her. She saw Nick as a killer. She saw

him killing for the pleasure of the hunt, for the taste of the blood, for the lust of the flesh. She felt his disgust with

himself for not being able to control his hunger and his desires. Finally, his love warmed her like the rays of the sun.

It was clear to her now that he loved her, wanted her, desired her and lusted for her flesh alone. Her blood called to

him. His love for her had kept the vampire in him at bay. As Nick's fangs slipped from her neck, she felt his joy that

she accepted and loved the beast in him as much as the man.


Natalie's life filled Nick's mind. He realized that she was totally alone. He was her family, her only family. Her

parents were taken from her when she was so young. Her grandmother's abuse left her believing she was unworthy of

being loved. The deaths of her brother and god-daughter had only added to her pain and loneliness. Nick now knew

his presence in her life had been sweet torture to her. She loved him completely, but was unable to express that love.

She wanted him to lose control, to let her love the man and the beast. Her desires were as strong as his were. They

filled him, making him whole. He stopped drinking of her essence before her heartbeat slowed. The vampire at last

was satisfied. He had found acceptance for all that he was.


Nick looked into Natalie's eyes. Words were no longer needed between them. They each knew the other

completely. Nick stroked Natalie's face with his cool fingers. "I love you, Nick, all of you."

Nick had not wanted ask Natalie to say the words. Her feelings had been in her blood, but hearing the words made

it real to him. "I love you, too."

"I know. I felt it, Nick. The bloodlink was incredible." She kissed him, tasting traces of her blood on his lips.

Natalie turned on her side and Nick cuddled up behind her. His arms encircled, her pulling her closer. Natalie's head

leaned back onto Nick's chest. Peace radiated from their bodies.

"I was afraid you wouldn't be able to accept the things I've done."

"They are a part of your past, not your present. I was afraid you didn't want me."

"I've wanted you so badly, Natalie." Nick nuzzled Natalie's neck while his hands gently cupped her breasts.

"I love the way you touch me."

Nick smiled wickedly. "I know. And I know what else you want me to do."

Natalie blushed. He did know everything. "I… I… Oh, Nick. Please, don't think..."

"Natalie, I love the idea. I think the interrogation room would be fun. The video cameras might be a problem. And

the thought of taking you…" Nick started nibbling and blowing in Nat's ear. She moaned her approval.

"About the car, Nick. Really, you don't have to buy me another one."

"Yes, I do. I ripped the door off yours. Do you really want a sports utility vehicle? They don't have trunks."

"I guess I could compromise. You never know when you might need a large trunk. And don't even think of buying

me a monstrosity like yours!"

Nick smiled. He knew what Nat really wanted, and he would buy it for her. A Jaguar, light blue, the color of his

eyes, with a trunk big enough for two, just in case.

Finally, Nick said what they both had been thinking. "I was able to stop, Nat."

"I know." Natalie smiled and placed her hands on top of Nick's. "Do you feel any different?"

"No, not yet, but Janette did say that it was only after repeated exposures that she could feel herself becoming


"Repeated exposures?" She felt Nick's manhood growing against her back. She shifted her legs so that he was

between them, pressing against her core again.

Nick slid one of his hands down Natalie's front to caress her hardening nub, while the other continued to stroke her

breasts. Natalie reached behind her, pulling Nick's mouth toward her neck. If repeated exposures were necessary, she

would just have to sacrifice herself, again and again.

Nick whispered into Natalie's ear, "About the interrogation room… I could get you to talk." Nick slipped inside of

Natalie. "Tell me what you want me to do to you, Natalie."

Natalie gasped at the feeling of Nick being inside her again. Hesitantly, she whispered what Nick wanted, no,

needed to hear. "I want you to take me on the hood of the caddy with the moon shining down on us."

Nick growled and increased his rhthym, his hands still stroking Natalie. "I can't believe you dreamed of

making-love on my piano."

Natalie moaned as Nick's fingers teased her nipples. "What about you wanting to neck in the back seat of the

caddy, like two teenagers?" Natalie said between pants.

"We didn't have cars when I was a teenager." Nick cupped Natalie's breast in his hand, enjoying its weight and

fullness. He kissed Natalie's neck, leaving a trail of marks. "Don't talk about my fantasies; remember you want to

make-love on your desk in the morgue."

"At least I didn't think of doing it in the freezer."

"I've wanted to take you there since the night we first met."

"And what about you wanting to give me hickeys?"

"Well, I AM a vampire, Nat." He pulled out of Natalie and she whimpered. Nick pushed her on her back and

covered her body with his. He grasped her hands above her head and entered her again.

Natalie smiled at Nick, "I thought you wanted me like this against a wall in the catacombs at the Raven." Her

breathing was labored as Nick's grinding increased.

"I still do." Nick covered Natalie's mouth with his. Their tongues danced as Natalie gave herself freely to Nick.

His kisses traveled down her neck. Then Natalie remembered another image she saw in Nick's blood. She locked her

legs firmly around Nick's abdomen and flipped him on his back. She looked into his surprised face as she straddled

him. She heard Nick growl as she covered his mouth with hers. She bit his neck repeatedly, making a trail up to his

ear. She whispered, "Who do you belong to?"

Nick smiled. "You. Forever."

"Forever." Natalie whispered back.

Natalie rode Nick, grinding hard against his manhood. Together with his touches, she orgasmed. Nick waited until

Natalie had been fulfilled. Then, he slowly started to move inside her again. Natalie moaned her approval. Nick pulled

Natalie's neck down to his waiting mouth. Together they traveled toward the light of their love, no longer caring where

it would lead them. They were alive and together; nothing else mattered.


The End


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