Start of a New Day

S. Clark - 1999

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Sorry, all, I haven't had much writing time or brain lately. Hopefully

someone's enjoying these short bits. As always, feedback is welcomed.


This is an adult story intended for adult audiences only. If it's not

legal for you to read such things, or if this type of story offends you,

please don't read it.


Permission given to archive at fkfanfic website, the Dark NN archives, and

the JADFE site. No other permission is granted to repost/reprint/reuse. If

you're interested drop me a line.


This story is based on characters and situations that aren't mine. Thanks

to TPTB for their use.

Nick traced his finger along the bare flesh of her collarbone,

pushing chestnut tresses back over her shoulder. She slept, looking so at

peace, so innocent. A smile came to him as he recalled the same face, just

hours earlier, alit with passion.

He slipped his hand under the sheet, further exploring her naked

form. She stirred as he touched the small wounds his fangs had made on her

breast. She had been riding him. He pulled her close, needing her blood.

Needing her.

And on he explored. He ran his light touch over the outer lips of

her sex. This brought a smile to her face, also. She was no longer lost

to the depths of slumber.

"What an interesting way to be awakened," she purred.

His hand continued its ministrations within her moistness. "I aim

to please."

"Then please me," she whispered. She lay back, allowing his expert

touch to do its work.

To Nick, these moments of love were moments approaching mortality.

Even when the beast was present, it was subdued. Natalie's acceptance of

his whole being had given him strength, control. And love.



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