Tyra -1999

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Disclaimers: I don't own them, only playing with them in a not-for-profit way. My thanks to the people who did create them.

ADULT: This is an adult story. If adult sexual material offends you, please read no further.

Thanks to my betas: Heather-Anne and Lea for making me better and to Judy for her helpful comments. I also, want to thank Shelia for taking time to un-angst me by reading this!

The heat is unbearable, so I open the window to let the breeze in--at least that is what I tell myself. I know he will be by; his visits have been increasing. I pull my new silk nightgown out of the drawer and slip it over my body. It is black, in deference to his taste. I slip in between the sheets and turn on my side. My eyes are just beginning to close when I feel a coolness sweep over my body. My eyes immediately open, and I can hear a voice whisper in my ear, "It's me. It's OK."

I recognize his voice and give into the sensations my lover lavishes on me. I feel his fangs start to bite my neck, right below my ear. I arch my back, starting to purr from the ministrations. His hands caress my breasts as his fingers start to stroke my nipples, making them hard. A low moan escapes my lips.

He rolls me over onto my back, and a blindfold is placed over my eyes. I feel my arms stretched above my head and silk scarves encircling them. The restraints give me the freedom to focus totally on how my body feels. The nibbling begins again on my neck as Nick rips the straps from my nightgown. He pulls it down and off my body in one smooth movement, exposing me to the cool night air. I breathe in sharply as I feel his fangs nipping at my breast, traveling lower and lower. He licks at the blood that rises to the surface of my skin. I know he can feel my desires. Quickly he moves back up my body, his lips finding mine, our tongues dancing together.



This is a game we have been playing. We can't talk about it, but Nick and I are finally lovers, and with each encounter our lovemaking progresses further. Was it days or months ago when his hands first brushed against my breasts? I remember him later backing me against the wall at the morgue - he held my hands above my head as he ravished my neck and breast with his lips and tongue. His fangs gently scraped my skin, eliciting a small amount of blood. His tongue tasted it, and he flew from the room, leaving me panting, wanting more. Each time, he goes farther, but he never allows me to touch him. I wonder when I will finally break the restraints he always uses on me and grab for him. I know it is insane, making love with one of his kind, but I can't resist. Each time he touches me I only want him more, and the game progresses even further.



My mind returns to the present, and my lips strain to reach his as he starts to pull away. I want to touch him, to lick him and to taste him, but he always keeps me at bay. Maybe that is how he controls the beast, by making me submissive. It doesn't matter--just the thought that his hardness will soon be inside me is enough for me to submit to him.

I feel the bed move and know he has left me alone. I hear the refrigerator open and the sound of him drinking. He has kept a supply of blood here for sometime now, just in case he ever has to spend the day. I know in an instant he will realize that it is my blood he is drinking.



Several nights ago, Nick was at work and it was my day off. I poured my emotions into my blood, making it come alive with my desire to be an active participant in our lovemaking. As the blood flowed from my body into the collection bag, I fantasized of the things I wanted to do to him.



I hear him come back into the bedroom, I feel his presence not far from me, but he doesn't let his hands touch me.

"Natalie," he whispers. I hear the sounds of him shedding his clothes. He eases his cool body on top of mine, gently parting my legs. I can feel him pressed up against my wetness, and my breathing gets heavier. I strain my head upwards, trying to capture his lips with mine.

He hovers there, on the brink of entering me, for what feels like eternity. Then I feel his lips on mine, and his hands working to free me from my restraints.

As my hands are freed, he pulls the blindfold from my eyes, and I stare into his golden ones.

"As you wish, my love, as you wish. I am yours, if that is what you want." Nick flips me over, so that I am straddling him. He moves his hands above his head, holding out the silk scarves for me to capture him with, but I shake my head no and instead move his hands to my breasts.

I sit up and ease my body down on his, my hands exploring his flesh. He feels exquisite beneath my fingers, and I lean down to kiss him. Our tongues dance together as our bodies move in unison. I can feel both of us rising to a feverish pitch. His fangs gently scrape my tongue, and I feel his climax filling my body. His hands reach to caress me, and I join him in the journey toward oblivion.

As our climax subsides, I look into his once-again blue eyes. A smile crosses both of our faces as I hold his gaze with mine. "Nick, I want you to listen to me. When I count to three and snap my fingers, you will wake up and this time you will remember everything that happened tonight and all the other nights, every sensation, every touch, and every climax." I silently say a prayer then continue. "One...two...three." I snap my fingers and the lock I have on his gaze is broken. He shake his head, and a confused look crosses his face.

"Nat, how did I..." his voice trails off as his memories come flooding back. Later he tells me how he first remembered teasing me about taking hypnotherapy classes, then he said that I couldn't hypnotize him. He was wrong.

His eyes grow wide as he remembers what we had agreed to try and that in the end he didn't need my blood to make-love to me. "How?"

"I hypnotized you and it worked. Do the details really matter right now, Nick?"

"Not right now they don't." A smile breaks across his face, and I am suddenly beneath his, him manhood growing inside of me again.


The End

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