Perhaps a Vampire?


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this is a poem i wrote several years ago it is a vampire poem but not a DarkNN one hope you like it any way!

Now is the time for you to sleep

with the stars and full moon above.

But underneath that moon,

beyond the reach of man

hanging invisibly

over the nightis a presence

an entity without words

Where will this entity go next?

It only lives by night

and has special powers.

An act of faith,

and a set of improbabilities

all combine to probe this mystery

to fathom its depths.

To believe or disbelieve

depends on your frame of mind

Is it a fact?

Is it a fantasty?

A nightmare?

A substance

or a shadow?

the night will pass to be sure

but in that night in that special time

you will hear it's voice

You will hear and you wil believe....


written by

Theresa Creekmore/froggi

copyright 1998

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