Nature of the Prey

Shelia - 1998

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Disclaimers: This, and its companion story, Nature of the Beast, are adult and deal with

Nick and Nat in sexual situations.  So you know the drill...if that annoys or offends...<g>

Nick and Nat still do not belong to me.  <g>   I'm not quite sure exactly who does own

FK, but I do know its not me.  By playing with Nick and Nat I do not mean to infringe

on any copyrights.

Permission granted to archive and the JADFE archives.  Anyone else,

please ask.  Again thanks for the encouragement guys and apologies for any double


a fatal attraction

is holding me fast

how can I escape this

irresistible grasp...  pink floyd


        Natalie sighed and turned the key in the lock.  She opened her apartment door and

tossed her packages to the couch. She lent back against the closed door and closed her

eyes for a moment,  then bent and picked up Sydney, hugging him to her cheek as she

walked to the kitchen.

        "Did you miss me?" she asked, the gray and white cat butting his head under her


        Nat set him down, rummaging through her cabinets, finding him something to eat.

She stroked his soft fur as he ate, the cat purring contentedly.

        Giving Sydney a final scratch behind the ears, Natalie started to the bathroom,

pausing to take off her clothes, tossing them in a heap on the floor.

        There she started her bath water running and poured herself a generous helping of

bubble bath, then turned to the mirror to pin up her hair.  Nat winked impulsively at her

reflection and padded back to the kitchen to pour herself a glass of wine.

        On her way back she turned on the radio, not realizing the station until she had

lowered herself into the velvety bubbles.

        The smooth voice of the Nightcrawler interrupted the music and purred from her


        "Tonight's topic, my dear listeners is...desire.  The craving of what one must have..."

        Natalie closed her eyes and sipped slowly from the crystal.  *Oh great!* she

thought, *Just what I need.  A lesson on desire, from him!*

        She laughed, the wine spreading warmth through her body.  She could tell LaCroix

a thing or two about desire and he would be amused at a mortal woman's craving for


        *Oh yeah!* she thought, *You try to deny it.  Try to forget it, but it always comes

back to Nick.*

        Thoughts of him filled her waking moments, but he invaded her dreams.  Her

deepest, darkest dreams.  She wanted him.

        To take her.

        Nick was an attractive man, who wouldn't be attracted, but there was more.   The

air of vulnerability and...she smiled to herself...the danger.

        All the wicked eroticism of him.

        What would it be like to have a vampire make love to you?  What secrets would an

eight hundred year old lover know?

        He had the face of an angel, a dark angel perhaps and her resistance to him

weakened nightly.

        Would she regret not ever knowing?

        Finishing her wine, she stepped from the tub, wrapping a towel around her.   She

went to the kitchen refilling her glass and walked to her bedroom, pausing only to pick up

an elegantly wrapped package from her couch.

        Sitting on the edge of her bed, sipping her wine, Natalie opened the box and she ran

her fingers over the icy smoothness of the material inside.  She set her crystal down and

stood up, dropping the towel.

        Nat walked to her mirror, holding the chemise to her body.  She drew it on the silk

caressing her skin like cool hands.  Natalie unpinned her hair, letting it fall to her shoulders.

        Suddenly she shivered and took a deep breath, closing her eyes, hugging herself.

Natalie opened her eyes and gasped when she saw Nick's reflection behind hers.  His

eyes were a molten green gold and she could see the tips of his fangs in his slightly parted


        A small moan escaped her as his arms slid around her waist and his cool lips touched

her neck.  He turned her and pulled her closer as his mouth, so cold, touched her lips.

Nick's hands, so cool against her warm skin, molded her to him.

        Natalie laced her fingers in his hair, surrendering to his touch.  Nat shuddered, feeling

the points of his fangs teasing her lower lip.

         She felt herself lifted and carried to her bed.

        Nick gently laid her down, then with his mouth, with his hands, he explored her willing

body.  His fangs nipping at her earlobe, his cold tongue soft as his teeth grazed her neck.

One hand moved between her thighs as his mouth sought, then covered the tip of her breast,

the thin material tearing at the sharpness of his fangs.

        Natalie sighed and she arched her back as Nick's mouth tugged and pulled at her.  His

hand teased her, obtaining deeper moans and the liquid scent of her arousal.  A small

whimper escaped Natalie when he left her for a moment to remove his clothing.

        She studied him from under lowered lids as he moved, then knelt between her legs,

slowly lowering himself on her.  Nick kissed her deeply, slowly nudging her head to the side

to lick and nibble the arch of her neck.

        Natalie felt the coolness of his tongue against her neck and as he entered her he sank

his fangs deep.

        Natalie screamed as sensations and visions rolled through her and he waited, until the

tremors died down, then began to move within her, slowly at first.

        She felt him remove his fangs, but he still licked at the wounds on her neck. Natalie's

body pulsed in time with her heartbeat, his heartbeat.  Her moans and cries constant, her

body shuddering at his every movement.  The tip of his soft tongue, the touch of his cool

lips, the sharp nip of his fangs.

        Natalie wrapped her legs around his hips and tangled her fingers in his hair as he

rubbed his cheek against hers, softly biting her jaw.. She pulled his head back to her neck

and again he struck, groaning as he eagerly drank the hot blood pouring into his mouth.

        She held on to him, her vision fading and the last thing she heard was Nick's roar and

her heartbeat, louder and louder, until all was black.

        Thirst, the thirst woke her...


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