Nature of the Beast

Shelia - 1998

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Disclaimers:  This, and its companion story Nature of the Prey, are adult and deal with

Nick and Nat in sexual situations.  So you know the drill...if that annoys or offends...<g>

Nick and Nat do not belong to me.  They, and the rest of Forever Knight belong to a lot

of people who are not me.  This in no way is meant to infringe on any of their copyrights.

Permission granted to archive at and the JADFE archives.  Anyone

else, please ask.  Many thanks to Kim and everyone who encourages these little stories.

mouth is alive

with juices like wine

and I'm hungry

like the wolf ...   duran duran


        Leaning back against the Caddy, arms crossed, Nick was listening intently to

Schanke elaborate on Myra's upcoming family reunion.  The mortal detective

punctuating his sentences with his hands between bites of a jelly-filled doughnut.  A

flash of auburn hair caught Nick's eye.

        *Her!*, the beast screamed. Nick turned and paced after the woman, leaving

Schanke to stop mid-sentence and stare open mouthed at his partner's retreating back.

        Nick felt his fangs pushing against his mouth and he knew his eyes were flecked

with gold  But the beast didn't care.  Nick didn't care.

        *Find her*, the beast moaned.  Nick regained enough control to stop behind an

outside store display.  Trying to will the beast down, but she kept entering his thoughts.

        *Warmth...blood...Natalie*, the beast chanted.  Breathing heavily, Nick moved

and found a deserted alleyway.  He launched himself into the sky.


        Nick grabbed a bottle and slammed the refrigerator door, carelessly denting the

metal.  With his teeth, he pulled the cork and spit it over his shoulder.  Throwing his

head back, bottle to his lips, he took a long swallow.

        Disgusted, Nick threw the bottle from him, ignoring the musical crash and the fine

spray of blood across his floor.  Wiping his mouth on the back of his hand, Nick gazed

wildly around his loft.

        The unfinished painting on his easel caught his attention.

        He walked over, studying the play of color across the canvas.  Nick picked up a

brush, trying to banish the thoughts of Natalie, the complaining of the beast.

        The handle broke in his grip.

        Nick was unprepared for this furious awakening of the beast.  Lately it seemed so

easy to anticipate and suppress the longings.  Easy enough to hold her hand, to touch

her cheek without his vision becoming clouded with blood.  Now Nick couldn't keep

the gold from his eyes or the cravings of the beast from his very soul.  With every fiber

of his being he needed to possess her.

        To touch her.  Finally, and without restraint.

        Nick turned and ran from his warehouse, taking to the sky.


        Hovering at her bedroom window, he easily broke the lock and silently went

through.  Nick stepped into the shadows, listening to Nat hum to herself in the other

room and LaCroix's voice, smooth through the speakers, explain the seduction of


        Ravenous, Nick watched Natalie enter the bedroom.

        She was holding a towel up with one hand and sipping from crystal held in the

other.  Biting his lip and suppressing a growl of blood lust, Nick watched, his eyes

gleaming golden, as Natalie dropped the towel and pulled on a silk chemise.

        His need for her was a tangible thing, a spiritual thing, he could almost touch.

        Nick watched as Natalie unpinned her hair, letting it fall to her shoulders, then she

closed her eyes, hugging herself.  Silently, he slipped up behind her, taking a deep

breath.  The smell of her, the smell of her blood, teasing him and enticing the beast.

        Her eyes opened and she gasped when she saw his reflection behind her.  Nick

slid his arms around her waist and kissed her neck, the skin under his mouth thrumming

with rich blood.

        He turned her to face him and molded her body, so warm, to his, kissing her.

Natalie surrendering as his fangs caught on her lower lip.  Nick caressed the warmth of

her with his mouth, his hands, fueling the fire of the beast's needs even further.  He

nuzzled at her neck, tasting the scent of her.

        The blood was so maddeningly close.

        He lifted her and carried her to the bed.  With one hand he explored between her

thighs while he sought, then tugged greedily with his mouth at the tip of her breast. The

thin material of the slip tearing at the sharpness of his teeth.

        Nick teased her, drawing out deeper moans as Natalie arched against him.  Nick

tore off his clothing and knelt between her legs, slowly lowering his body on hers and

trailing his kisses upward, to her neck.  He nudged her head to the side, sucking and

licking at the hollow of her throat.  Her body hummed under him and Nick sank his

fangs as he entered her willing flesh.

        He growled when Natalie screamed, shudders rocking her.  Nick paused, waiting

before moving inside her. He withdrew his fangs, but still licked at the wounds, savoring

the hot blood.  Nick felt Natalie wrap her legs around his hips, urging him even closer.

He bit at her jawline. Moaning, she laced her fingers in his hair, pulling his head back to

her neck.

        Nick hissed as he struck again, eagerly drinking the fire that surged into his mouth,

pulsing through him.  Nick's control of the beast was slipping and he roared, blood

dripping from his canines, as he felt Natalie's consciousness fading.

        The beast demanding more, Nick lay back against her headboard, running his

tongue over his fangs. He drew Natalie to him, smelling her scent, tracing his fingers

over her body.

        Nick mused on his choices...


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