Longview - Nick

Shelia - 1998

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This is an early gift for everyone who wanted N&N 'smut' for Christmas...<wg>

Disclaimers:  This is an ADULT story and intended for adults only.  If you are not an adult or graphic depictions of semi-consensual sex with Nick and Nat annoys or offends please go away.

This is a companion story to Longview - Nat, though reading LV - Nat isn't a requirement for this.  Longview - Nat can be found at the JADFE archives, or just send me an honest age statement and I will send you a copy.

Nick and Nat do not belong to me and this little bit of fantasy is not meant to infringe on any copyrights.

A special thanks to BJ and the rest of the guys from Green Day for the unintentional inspiration.

Huggers and love and a couple of sharp toothed fellas to the Amie!  Words cannot adequately express my eternal gratitude!

Permission granted to archive at www.fkfanfic.com and the JADFE archives.  Anyone else, please ask.  Comments always welcome at kturner@sun-spot.com

I'm feeling like a

dog in heat

barred indoors from

the summer streets... green day


            Nick couldn't concentrate.  For the third time in less than five minutes, Nick caught himself teasing his canines with the tip of his tongue.  With each delicate touch, they elongated, sending electric jolts of pleasure arcing through him.

            Nick shook his head slightly.  He couldn't stop thinking about Natalie, especially the way she had smelled when he, along with Schanke, had visited the morgue earlier in their shifts, hoping to get her signature on a few reports.

            From the moment he had walked in he had known.  No underwear!  And she was so close to her 'time'!  Had Natalie known the restraint it had taken not to throw her over her desk, sending files and desktop mementos flying, taking her right then and there?

            Nick shifted slightly in his chair, his aching cock protesting the confinement of his jeans and he unconsciously started rubbing at his throbbing teeth again, imagining the suprised gasps of inveighing delight Natalie would have made.

            The snap of the city issued No. 2 pencil breaking in his hand broke Nick's fantasy and he abruptly stood, ignoring his partner's amused stare, and threw the broken pencil to his desk.  Nick bit back a growl, stalking out of the bullpen.

            He slipped into one of the darkened interrogation rooms and shut the door behind him.  Nick hissed as he gave free reign to his lust.  His eyes turning amber, his fangs descending with aching speed.

            Nick moaned, leaning back against the wall, his hand unconsciously rubbing along the length of his trapped erection, an unconscious rhythm with the dance of his tongue over his fangs.  A soft

growl escaped as he sliced the tip of his tongue and he growled again, in frustration, as the wound healed too fast to get anything more than a taste of blood.  He kneaded his aching cock through his jeans and brought his wrist to his lips.

            Suddenly his eyes flared golden and Nick turned his head, hissing a warning as he recognized the cadence of the heartbeat approaching.  He turned swiftly, laying his cheek against the door,

fighting the urge to roar and rip the door off its hinges.  Damning himself even as he did it, Nick swung the door open and dragged her inside as she passed.

            "Don't struggle," he warned, as he tore the items Nat was carrying from her arms and pulled her roughly back to him.  Natalie gasped and wriggled, as instinctively he rubbed his arousal against her warmth.  Nick cupped her breast through her thin silk shirt, pinching and pulling at

the erect nipple.

            Nick growled as he snaked his forearm low about her waist, pulling her up on her toes, compelling Natalie to lean back against him for balance.  She was pulsating fervency in his arms as he pulled her hair back, exposing her neck.  Natalie shuddered, struggling uncontrollably, moaning as he kissed along the warm curve.

            "I told you not to fight me Nat!" Nick growled harshly in her ear, his voice deep and resonating as he continued, nibbling lightly on her earlobe, "You know it's harder for me to control if you struggle!"

            Natalie moaned, resting her head back against his shoulder.  In an instant, his lips were back at her neck, suckling at the pulsing warmth of her skin.  Easily holding her in one arm, Nick explored with his free hand.  Ignoring Natalie's squirms, he pushed up under her skirt.  Even expecting it, Nick gasped as his fingers encountered the damp fire of her curls.

           "Just as I thought!" he hissed, throwing her belly down across the table beside them.  To touch her was to touch fire and Nick caressed her buttocks, impatiently pushing her skirt over her hips.

            "Do you wear no underwear just to drive me mad?"  Nick pushed two of his fingers through her heated folds, probing into her welcoming heat.  Nick smiled ferally when Natalie gasped at the trespass.  His eyes glittered, golden with anticipation, as Natalie, clutching at the table top, moaned her protest as he withdrew them.

            Nick sucked greedily on his Natalie seasoned fingers, impatiently unzipping his jeans with his free hand.  He hissed his pleasure as he dragged his cock through the fire of Natalie's sex.  She struggled, moaning her as her hips followed his stroke upwards.  Growling, Nick slammed her hips back down to the table with more force than he intended, and entered her slick heat completely with one hard thrust.  A rumble of predatory satisfaction escaped from him as he withdrew, only to slam back into her harder.

            Each thrust charged with erotic electricity, Nick muffled Natalie's steadily increasing moans with his hand, and he hissed in surprise when Natalie bit him.  Instinctively he pulled her up, arching her back.

            "Mine!" he growled possessivly in her ear, just before he struck.  Natalie convulsed in his arms, her scream of pleasure muffled by his hand.

            Her taste drove him over the edge, Natalie's pleasure washing through him in an overwhelming psychic rush, triggering his helpless physical orgastic shudders and Nick roared his joy against her neck. He let her drop back to the table. Natalie's moans and shudders called to him,

causing him to stiffen as he withdrew.  It took all his strength to not thrust, growling, back into her.

            Gently, he touched the fire of her cheek.  "Natalie," Nick whispered in awe.

            He didn't know 'how' she could love him, but she did.  The blood could hold no lies and there was no doubt she loved him as fiercely as he loved her.

            But that was no excuse for his rough behavior.  Guilt overwhelmed him and he backed away.  Terrified of hurting her with this uncontrollable desire.  The undeniable fact that she relished this side of him, wouldn't stop the pang of regret that would torture him when he saw the inevitable bruises on her soft warm skin.

            Cursing himself, damning his lack of restraint, Nick fled, his traitorous cock still stiff with anticipation, knowing she would follow...


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