Longview - Nat

Shelia -1998

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Disclaimers:  This is an adult story.  A 'very' adult story, so if you are not an adult or do not wish to read a story containing graphic, semi-consentual sex with Nick and Nat, go away.  You have been warned.

Nat and Nick do not belong to me.  They belong to TPTB and by playing with them I do not mean to infringe on any copyrights.

Many, many thanks <and a couple of sharp toothed fellas> to Amie.  She always, always has the right words and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Permission granted to archive at www.fkfanfic.com and the JADFE archives.  Anyone else, please ask.  Comments welcome at kturner@sun-spot.com.

bite my lip

and close my eyes

take me away to paradise ... green day


            The halls were dim in the 96th precinct and most of the personnel were gone, a late summer heat wave seeming to deter the more criminal elements this week and it would be a couple of hours before day shift started.  Natalie shifted the bag that carried Nick's protein drink in her arms and almost dropped it when she was dragged backwards into one of the darkened interrogation rooms.

            The door clicked shut and Nat's briefcase, medical bag and Nick's drink were torn from her grasp, landing with a thud somewhere at her feet.  Natalie could make out nothing.  The room was almost completely dark; the only light, a thin strip limning under the closed door.

            "Don't struggle!" he hissed in her ear as he roughly pulled her back against him.  Natalie gasped as she was drawn against a hard body, masculine arousal very much evident, pressing libidinously against her backside as cool fingers crudely fondled her breast through her thin silk


            Natalie wriggled, caught in an iron grip, as he pinched and pulled at her nipple.  He growled harshly as he snaked a hand around her waist, his forearm low on her hips, pulling her up on her toes.  Off balance, she had no choice but to lean into him and Natalie shivered as he pulled the hair back from her shoulders, placing cool kisses along the line of her exposed neck.

            Natalie's whole body tingled.  She could feel her heartbeat pounding furiously in her ears and she shivered, wriggling uncontrollably when she felt his cool tongue taste her.  She never got used to it, the coolness of his body.  It was instinctive, electric and her body always betrayed her erotic delight at his touch.  She tried to relax in his hold, but her body's reflexive responses only enticed the beast out further.

            "I told you not to fight me Nat!" Nick growled harshly in her ear, his voice deep and resonating as he continued, nibbling lightly on her earlobe, "You know it's harder for me to control if you struggle!"

            Natalie moaned softly, she couldn't help it and god help her, she wanted him to lose control.  To take her.  She bit her lip to keep from moaning louder - what if someone heard her? - and rested her head back against his broad shoulder.  Instantly, his lips were again at her throat.  Nick suckled the sensitive skin, lightly at first, then more furious, as his free hand roamed her body.  It was impossible for Natalie to hold still and she squirmed as he pushed his hand up under her skirt.

            "Just as I thought!" he hissed sharply and suddenly Natalie found herself thrown belly down over a table, her hips at the edge and her feet dangling scant inches from the floor.  Nick impatiently pushed her skirt up over her hips, his hand roughly caressing her exposed buttocks.

            "Do you wear no underwear just to drive me mad?" Nick asked, his cool fingers probing into her warmth, finding her ready enough for him.

            She gasped as his cold thick fingers explored her sex and she murmured in protest when he withdrew them.  Natalie heard the metallic sound of a zipper being pulled, and gasped as he dragged the head of his cock between her desire swollen labia.  She struggled upwards against the erotic coolness and Nick growled as he slammed her hips back down against the table edge and entered her completely with one hard thrust.  She heard his sharp intake of breath and felt his rumble of predatory satisfaction vibrate through him to her, as he withdrew, only to slam into her again,


            Natalie grabbed the edge of the table, panting at the force of his thrusts.  She knew she'd have a bruise line, low on her hips, tomorrow, but she didn't care.  She lay her cheek against the table and braced herself, meeting his increasingly faster thrusts with her own.

            She closed her eyes, letting her submission empower her.  Helpless moans escaped her parted lips, answered by Nick's throaty growl and his hand, covering her mouth.  Natalie was acutely cognizant of the responses of her body, of his... and of the beast's satisfaction in taking her.

            Natalie sucked the middle finger of his hand between her teeth and bit hard.  The coppery taste of his blood filled her mouth and Nick hissed sharply as pulled her up, arching her body almost painfully back.  She felt so alive, tremors of pleasure coursed through her body and she moaned with the force of his thrusts.

            "Mine!" he growled possessively in her ear, just before he struck, his fangs sinking deep into the juncture of her neck and shoulder. The sensations arcing through her were almost unbearable.  Nick's hand, across her lips, muffled Natalie's scream of arrant pleasure as her body convulsed in his arms, around his thick cock as he continued to thrust into her orgasm forcing his own.

            With a great shudder and a muted roar against her neck, he released her, letting her drop back to the table top.  Natalie panted, feeling the cool wood against her heated cheek and she moaned in protest as he withdrew from her.  Nick caressed her face lightly with the back of his


            "Natalie," he whispered in awe.  And with a soft 'whoosh' of air, he was gone.

            Natalie lifted herself up, supporting her weight with shaky arms.  "Nick?" she called softly and winced as much abused muscles protested the movement.  Natalie slowly slid off the table onto her feet.  Balancing against the table with one hand, she straightened slightly, tugging her skirt back over her hips, and grinned.

            Nick was probably already back at the loft berating himself for his lack of restraint.  He would meet her at the elevator door on his knees, throwing his arms around her waist, pressing reverent kisses onto her belly, promising her the world if she could only find some way to forgive him.  He would beg her to make him pay for his wicked deeds.

             Natalie's grin grew wider. She was sure she could think up an appropriate penance, and she was also quite certain she would enjoy collecting.


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