Becky Barker - 1999

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Thanks to Tyra and Heather Anne for betaing! :o)


Permission to archive at the DarkNN website and at Jadfe. Anyone else, please

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The story below is an adult story, so if you don't wanna read it, stop now and

go on to another email. We've got Nick and Nat in something that I think goes

somewhere after "the Last Knight that just didn't happen". ;o)


This is my first piece of adult fiction, so go easy on me, please? I'm sorry

if you get this more than once. Thanks for putting up with me! ;o)


There was a chill in the air that Nick Knight could not identify. It was bad

enough that it was getting to be winter here in Toronto, but to know that he

was standing with her, investigating a homicide? Why now? Why not later and

when it was warmer? Why him?

It occurred to him that there was something more going on with him, something

deeper. Perhaps it was something having to do with his vampire nature. He

frowned. Why? Yes, of course, he had been drinking a bit too much as of

late. And it was too much of the real thing, he had to

admit. But it was good to warm someone up on a cold night such as tonight.

Perhaps, he thought, it was causing him to act more like his "father" wanted

him to. He found himself wanting a certain red haired coroner.

His heightened sense of hearing told him that someone was approaching. Nick

inhaled deeply, and he could smell that lovely mix of spiced apple and human

blood. Had to be Natalie. It had to be. He turned, with a smile on his


Natalie Lambert stood behind him, clipboard in hand. She was ready to do a


report on the victim, and wanted to get Nick's opinion on it. As she opened

her mouth to say something, she caught the look on Nick's face.

He stared at her with a growing hunger, evident by the way his eyes had taken

on their unnatural shine. She wasn't sure that she liked that look on his


"Nick, are you all right?" The concern in her voice was as effective as a

slap across the face. The green faded from his eyes and his canines shrank

back to their normal length.

"Um, yeah, I'm fine, Nat." He shook his head and stared at her. "I think I

just need to go home for the night." He walked over to his car, Natalie

following every step of the way. He unlocked the door and sat down. She

stood next to the car, saying nothing, thinking her own


"I wonder what's gotten into him," she mused. "I know it's getting to be a

full moon right now, but that's just a load of bull. He's been acting a

little strange lately. Maybe I should go to the loft and run some tests on

him and see if anything has changed."

Natalie kept her eyes on Nick while she handed in her report.

"Heading on out?" the duty officer asked. She nodded.

"Yeah, Nick's not feeling so good, so we're gonna go for the night." The

officer raised an eyebrow, thinking he knew what was going on. Natalie had to

hide a smile. If only he knew...

She headed around to the other side of the Caddy and hopped in. Nick looked

at her curiously, but didn't say anything. He felt a stirring in himself,

that he thought might be hunger. But hunger for what? He started the

ignition and they drove away.


Once they were back at the loft, Nick dropped his jacket on the sofa and

headed straight for the refrigerator. Natalie followed suit, trying her

hardest to keep up with him. She watched him yank the door open and withdraw

a bottle from the top shelf. Looking closer, she realized that she did not

recognize the bottle, and that Nick was drinking to eagerly from it. "He

never drank so fast from a bottle I gave him, unless he was hungry and he

hadn't eaten in a few days..." Sudden realization dawned on Natalie. She

rushed forward to grab at the bottle.

Nick turned toward her, his eyes a shining green once more. He grabbed her

hand and glowered at her. "Leave it," he ordered her sharply. When he

realized that she had no intention to, he slammed the bottle down on the

table. Natalie tried to jerk away, afraid of what Nick was becoming.

He pushed her up against the wall, searching her face with his vampire eyes.

He could see the fear that was there, and then... he saw the wanting and the

curiosity there too. A smile formed on his lips as he leaned down and kissed


Natalie squirmed against him, trying to escape. It took a few moments before

she realized that Nick was not going to release her. Suddenly, it dawned on

her tha she didn't want to be released. She found herself returning his kiss

with all the passion she had.

She felt Nick's hands roaming up and down her sides, pulling gently at her

blouse. His hands moved to the front and began unbuttoning it, pulling harder

at it. Frustrated, he finally ripped it away, revealing the lacy bra

underneath. He buried his face in her breasts, taking in the warm smell of

human flesh and blood, wanting more.

Natalie, meanwhile, had been working on his shirt, frantically trying to keep

up with him. There was a need for him that had to be sated. She had waited

so long for him to notice her and now that she had his attention, she planned

on keeping it. She pulled madly at the buttons, trying to work around Nick.

His shirt finally joined hers in the corner.

She felt his teeth graze across her skin, and she shivered. He kissed the

tops of her breasts, first one and then the other. He gently removed her bra,

licking each part of her breasts as they were revealed. He kicked his shoes

off while he was doing this and then helped Natalie remove hers. Now, he

could move on to what he wanted to be doing.

She felt his hands move down her stomach and then to the top of her pants.

He moved slowly and began working her pants off, revealing a lacy pair of

panties. He kissed a trail from her breasts to the top of her panties, and

then began pulling them down with his teeth.

He could hear her heartbeat quicken as he did this, and it excited him. He

ran his hands over her breasts as he pulled on her panties. She moaned almost

inaudibly. Once off, her panties were thrown to the floor with the rest of

the clothes, forgotten in the heat of passion.

He moved back up to kiss her again. The blood he had been drinking was still

tainting his mouth and Natalie could taste the coppery flavor there. Instead

of being repulsed by it, she found herself liking the taste of Nick and this

blood. She kissed him harder and pulled him close to her, trying to force him


He pulled away, and began his trail of kisses again. He licked around each

nipple and then around her belly button. She felt his tongue wind down to the

area she had always wanted him to touch. Her hips bucked upwards to meet him,

and she felt his tongue invade her, trying to reach the center. She gasped in

pleasure, feeling his teeth again, nibbling at her clit, urging her on to an


His tongue moved up and down, and he sucked on her clit as hard as he could.

She felt his teeth biting harder, but it was all pleasurable. Natalie felt

herself tensing up, ready to explode. At the last possible second, he

stopped. Natalie let out a cry of frustration.

Nick decided that he had had enough, and wanted to give her what she truly

desired. Natalie jerked her hips upward to meet him, getting tired of waiting

for him.

He felt a strange feeling, as if something had given way. She moaned again

underneath him. He realized that this was something he had been desiring for

just as long as she had, and began pumping harder.

When he felt that he could hold back no longer, he drove both his shaft and

his teeth deep inside her, and realized that he was drinking the blood of the

one person he loved the most in the world. He withdrew his teeth once he had

finished, and saw Natalie's look of contentment.

Nick tried to help her up, but she did not move. He reverted back to his

human facade as he realized the gravity of the situation. She had lost too

much blood, and it was his fault. Hot blood tears coursed down his cheeks as

he battled with a decision.

His love for her won out over practicality. He used his canines to puncture

his wrist and held it up to Natalie's mouth. "Here, drink," he urged her.

The blood dripped down into her mouth, eliciting no response. Nick had lost a

considerable amount of blood before Natalie moved. He withdrew his wrist, and

watched her face for any signs of movement.

She opened her eyes and looked at him. This was her first view of the world

as a vampire, and was the best thing she could ever awake to.


The End.

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