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Disclaimers: Here is a small slice of 'what if' named for one song,

inspired by another, with a phrase shamelessly borrowed from LK and

utilized to fit my nefarious purposes. Nick and Nat do not belong to me

and this little bit of dark fantasy is not meant to infringe on any



For the Amie, with much love and admiration.


Permission granted to archive at www.fkfanfic.com, the ftp site and the DNN

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~I wish I was the full moon shining off a Camero's hood... pearl jam



A small breeze swept off the lake, playing with Natalie's hair.

Moon-kissed auburn strands played veil across the upturned heartshaped

face. Her eyes were closed and Nick watched captivated by her mortal

beauty, as she took a deep breath, inhaling the night's scents.


She glowed to his vampiric senses. Intoxicating. A pulsing heat, ever

changing energy that tempted and beseeched him. He leaned back against the

hood of the Caddy, drinking in the sight of her as she turned, opening her

eyes, and smiled at him.


A smile brighter than the often longed for sun. He held out his hand and

she took it. There was no hesitation as she stepped closer, and he

marveled at her.


So unafraid.


She came willingly into his arms and he brushed back the hair from her

face, caressing her cheek with the back of his hand. Her mouth parted

invitingly, and it was an instinctive part of him that answered her shudder

of delight with a low growl, crushing her to him, his lips skillfully

demanding her warm surrender.


He drew back when he tasted blood. Her blood. Her lip, sliced by his

fangs. His eyes glowed, smoldering amber, fixated on the dark droplet

forming on her lower lip. He licked his fangs as he tore his gaze away

from the pulsing warmth, looking into her eyes.


He marveled at her.


He breathed in wonderment, of her love for him. The scent of her washed

over his senses and his voice was rough, with the beast, with emotion, as

he whispered.




"I'm not afraid," she answered, smiling, drawing closer. Her fingers left

trails of fire as she traced along his jawline and he leaned into her hand.



She touched her lips to his and he could taste her. Taste her love as she



"Not afraid, as long as I can spend it with you."




Comments, critiques...


"Maybe I 'like' dark." - Nick

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