Edge of Darkness

Shelia - c.1999

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Disclaimers: This is an adult story and intended for adults only. If you

are not an adult, or explicit/graphic descriptions of a sexual nature with

Nick and Nat annoy or offend, please go away as it is not my wish to

inadvertently displease.


Nick and Nat do not belong to me. They belong to Sony/Tristar, and this

bit of dark fantasy is not meant to infringe on any copyrights.


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Natalie blinked sleepily, conscious of the sun blanketing her, and shifted

from her side to her back. The warmth of the sun haloed around her, its

potency seeping into her skin. Dust motes danced in the bright beams and

Natalie smiled, raising her arms above her head, stretching upon the

sun-warmed leather couch, catlike in contentment.


Suddenly she bolted upright. "Ohmygod!," Natalie exclaimed, jumping to her

feet, frantically searching for the remote to the shutters. "Nick!," she

called, squinting through the brightness, "Nick!?"


Her heart beat wildly as she glanced around. A long rectangle of light

streamed from the one open shutter. It pooled on the floor, running

towards the couch, bathing the black leather in its warm rays. Except for

the patch of sunlight pouring in through the window by the fireplace, the

whole loft was in complete darkness.


She opened her mouth to call again but a voice, *his* voice, rough, low and

utterly irresistible beckoned from the darkened kitchen area.




Natalie turned her head, her breath catching in her throat. He was only

shadow within shadow, a bit of the darkness, jeweled with the glint of

golden amber, that moved.




Watching *her*.


A wave of desire swept over her and Natalie shuddered with delighted

terror. She felt her nipples growing taut against the rough lace of her

bra as her body instinctively comprehended the hunger, the lust, in those

watching eyes.


"I wanted to see you," Nick whispered thickly. "I wanted to see you in the



Her hand went to her throat and Natalie could feel her heartbeat fluttering

against her fingertips. She could feel the sun framing her, a vibrating

cage of energy, almost blindingly bright in its intensity. Her fingers

toyed with the collar of her blouse.


Slowly she worked the top button free. "How much of me?" Natalie asked,

playing with the second button.


"All!" Nick hissed. "All of you!"


Natalie smiled mischievously and turned her back to him. She lifted her

arms, unpinning her sensible bun, and her hair cascaded down in a riot of

sunkissed auburn curls.


Nick edged closer, ever aware of the line of sunlight dividing them. The

warm smell of her growing arousal seemed to permeate the loft and the sound

of her heartbeat, rapid and strong, beckoned to him, causing his fangs to

ache in empathic rhythm. A small growl of helpless want escaped him, as he

watched her skirt pull up. She combed her fingers through her hair,

exposing more of her shapely thighs to his view.


Another inch or so of thigh was exposed when Natalie tugged her blouse free

from the waist of her skirt, and from the movement of her arms Nick could

tell she was freeing the rest of the buttons. She let the silky material

slide off her shoulders a bit.


She looked over her shoulder at him, wetting her lips with the tip of her

tongue causing them the glisten briefly before she asked, "All, Nick?"


A growl was his only response.


A small bubble of laughter escaped Natalie as she turned her head back

forward, letting her blouse fall to her feet. Nick was helplessly drawn

even closer. Even in shadow he could feel the heat of the sun warning him.

Frustrated, he growled again.


Seemingly unconcerned about the growls behind her Natalie unfastened the

waist of her skirt. Her hands accentuated her curves as she slowly pushed

the skirt off her hips. Instead of letting it drop, Natalie continued

pushing the material over her thighs, slowly bending over as she pushed it

past her knees. Bent at the waist she placed one hand on the arm of the

couch, then the other as she let the skirt drop. Stepping out of the

pooled material, she kicked it away.


She glanced over her shoulder again and drew in a sharp breath,

unconsciously holding it as she studied him. Nick was closer to the line

of sunlight, but still safely in shadow. Natalie could tell he was dressed

in the black silk pajamas. His skin was pale, almost seeming to glow,

alabaster against the ebony of the silk. His hair was a wild halo of gold,

matching the glints that seemed to whirl in the amber depths of his eyes.

Nick tilted his head slightly as he studied her. Natalie could see his

tongue dart across his lips, accenting his fangs for a brief moment. He

slowly held out his hand.


"Come to me," Nick whispered.


Nick's words seemed to reverberate through Natalie, his voice caressing,

compelling. Every fiber of her being vibrated, wanting to fly to source of

that irresistible music. Rebelling against the urge to run and throw

herself into his arms Natalie stood, slowly turning to face him. She

smiled, arching an eyebrow.


"Me first?," Nat asked as she fingered the strap of her bra.


"Natalie!," Nick protested.


She took a step closer, her hand trailing down, caressing the curve of her

breast, fingertips playing with the lace. Her other hand mirrored its twin

and she cupped her breasts, lifting them in offering, her thumbs brushing

over the lace entrapped nipples. Natalie bit her lip to keep from moaning

at the sensation.


"Me first?," she repeated.


"Yes!," Nick growled, then hissed with pleasure as he was rewarded with the

sound of Natalie unfastening her bra. She drew it off, tossing it over her

shoulder, lifting her breasts to his hungry gaze. She ran her hands down

to her hips, hooking the edge of her panty, much too slowly for his tastes.


"All!" Nick commanded.


Natalie laughed as she pulled them off, kicking them toward him. They

arced through the air, falling short of the line between twilight and

shadow, but still he reached out. Nick hissed as his fingertips burned,

but he had retrieved his prize.


Nick lifted the Natalie scented material to his face, a growl escaped him

as her unique smell washed through him. As pleasurable to his heightened

senses as that was, there was a better prize almost within reach. He threw

the silken material aside, reaching out again.


"Natalie, come."


She stepped closer, nude, at the edge of the darkness. To his eyes she

seemed to glow with the energy she had absorbed from the sun. He ached to

become one with the fire that seemed to encompass her, permeate her. Closer

still she came, through the twilight separating them, unhesitatingly into

the velvet blackness.


"Me first?," she inquired again, only a step away.


"Yes," he promised, not touching her, and Nick hissed as she pressed

against him, her breasts heavy and warm against his chest. She cupped him

through his silk pajamas bottoms, intensifying the delicious ache in his

cock as she slowly and firmly stroked him. Nick growled in delight,

pushing against her hand.


Natalie grinned. She loved the feel of him in her hand. The thought of his

cool hardness buried inside her caused a quake of need to vibrate through

her and Natalie rubbed her thighs together in unconscious anticipation. He

ran his hands down her back, fingertips tracing over the curve of her



She ceased her ministrations, releasing him and Natalie laughed at his

growl of protest. She grabbed his wandering hands, firmly placing them at

his side. "Be still! You promised! Me first!"


Nick's eyes glittered with his desire, but he complied.


Natalie ran her hands up his arms, relishing the feel of the cool black

silk that seemed to glide over the muscles in the length of his arms, the

curves of his shoulders. She trailed her fingertips down across his chest,

pausing only to unfasten each button they passed on their way down.

Natalie reached up, kissing him softly, the moist heat of her tongue

darting out, tasting him.


Nick held still as possible but he trembled slightly as she continued to

kiss and lick him, first her lips soft at the curve of his jawline as she

pushed the silk from his shoulders, kissing down his neck as the material

slid to the floor. Her hands were at his waist, playing with the waistband

of his pajama bottoms and Nick moaned as she nipped at him before leaving a

trail of warm kisses down his chest, slowly lowering herself to her knees.

She kissed his belly, her tongue exploring his navel briefly before

continuing its downward trek.


Natalie ran her hands down and around, cupping Nick's buttocks, pulling him

towards her even as she rubbed her cheek against his silk clad erection.

He closed his eyes as she pulled the silk bottoms down, letting them pool

at his feet. He bit at his lower lip, suppressing a groan as she cupped

his scrotum with one hand, delicately kneading as she ran the fingertips of

her other hand along the length of his cock before encircling at the base.


Nick moaned as the incredible heat of her mouth encompassed the tip of him,

her tongue exploring, tasting every inch of him as she took him into her

mouth. Her slow downward journey didn't stop until her lips were touching

her hand firmly circled around his cock.


Natalie paused for only a moment before she backed from him, running the

dull edges of her teeth along the length of him, sucking as she firmly

stroked. He wasn't sure how long he could resist the urge to take control

and grab Natalie, throwing her under him. Nick moaned again as she

continued to explore him with her tongue, her lips warm and yielding,

surrounding his manhood as she began to draw him into her mouth again.


Nick's fangs throbbed unbearably, and running his tongue over them only

intensified the longing to sink them into her warm flesh.


Unable to resist any longer, he looked down. The loft reverberated with

Nick's roar of pleasure, and he balled his hands into fists at his side,

eyes glittering, golden with delight, watching as her lovely mouth

stretched around his aching cock.


Natalie ignored his warning growl and continued her enjoyment of him. With

a sharp cry of frustration Nick buried his fingers in her hair, stopping

her, trembling with the effort not to thrust and force himself deeply into

the moist heat of her mouth. Not trusting himself, he pulled her up and to

her feet quickly, suppressing a small moan of want as her heat left him.

He guided her lips to his, relishing their warm fullness. They parted

eagerly as he traced his tongue along the inner curve of her bottom lip. Nick

ran his hands down her back as he continued to kiss her, his tongue tasting

her as his hands eagerly scouted the curves of her body.


Suddenly she was pulled back further into shadow, and Nick turned her,

bringing her flush against him. Natalie gasped with suprised pleasure when

he growled, roughly cupping her breasts, rubbing his arousal against the

sun warmed flesh of her backside. He buried his face in her hair,

breathing in the scent of her.


"Mon amour, mon couer." Nick whispered, his voice husky in her ear. The

sound seemed to echo through her. He trailed one hand down her belly, a

cold fire that left tingles where he traced. Natalie arched against his

hand as it covered her sex and a moan escaped her as he pushed through her

warm folds.


"Responsive beauty," Nick purred, his lips against her warm cheek,

delighted as Natalie trembled, then gasped as he lightly teased her

clitoris with a fingertip. She lifted up on her toes as he pushed himself

between her legs, the trembling of her warm thighs caressing his cool

thickness, the head of his cock pressing against, then slowly parting her



"Nick," she breathed as she leaned her head back against his shoulder. His

hand left her breast for a moment to pull the hair away from her neck,

returning to pinch and pull at her nipple as the fingers of his other hand

continued to stroke softly at the hard nub of her clitoris. Natalie

reached up and back, hooking her arms around his neck for support. Nick's

lips were at her neck, his sharp fangs tantalizing as he suckled at the

warmth. She squirmed against him, moaning as he teased her slowly.

Natalie ached to have him inside her.


"Please, Nick!," Natalie begged, compressing her thighs together, squeezing

him as she pushed herself harder against his teasing hand. His hand left

her breast, trailing down across her belly to rest on her hip. Supporting

her with his arm low across her hip, he lifted her off her toes. Nick

continued to stroke her, growling in delight at her helpless twitches and

moans as he slowly entered her.


Natalie gasped with the possession. She clutched at him, helplessly trying

to anchor herself as she shuddered. Natalie moaned, wriggling, encouraging

him to thrust deeper.


Time slowed dangling on the edge of orgasm. "My love, my heart" he

whispered, his cool lips grazing her skin. "Belle sensuelle... Mine!"

Nick's thrusts became even more powerful as he began to lose control. "Ma

Natalie!" He suckled the pliant flesh, pulling it taut against the

impossibly sharp points.


There was an instant of pain that melded into pleasure, causing Natalie to

gasp with the intensity. The physical and psychic sensations were

overwhelming. She gasped for air, drawn into Nick. The flashes of his

existence, flavored with his emotions, his love for her, rapidly flickering

through her until all was black. Natalie shuddered helplessly, impaled on

his cool thickness, his fangs deep in her neck as he eagerly drank the

crimson fire bursting into his mouth, thrusting through her orgasm,

triggering his own release.


She was dimly aware of the mechanical click of the shutter closing. A

momentary feeling of flight was followed by warm leather against her skin.

Natalie opened her eyes as he lay beside her, his body blessedly cool

against hers. She reached up, brushing away a lock of hair that fell in

front of his eyes.


Capturing her hand, Nick placed a cool kiss on the palm, then placed it

against his chest. A boyish grin twitched at the corners of his mouth as

he cupped her breast.


"Me first?"



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