Tyra - 1999

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This is a short piece that demanded to be written, while I was packing to leave for MA tomorrow. It is unbetaed--so a lack of commas and an increase in mistakes should be noticed.

This is an Adult story. Please do not read, if that is not your cup of tea. It is also full of SAPPY stuff. Sorry in advance.

They are not mine, etc... This is set in what can be described in an alternate FK universe. You'll understand when you get to the end.

Permission to archive at DarkNN and JADFE.

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For M.S. -- because I believe in the power of the Lord and Lady's magick in my life.

His hands ran down her body, feeling every curve. Her silky, soft skin enticed him, and drew him deeper into her spell. Their eyes locked on each other's, and they breathed in unison.

Earlier that evening, she had given him a facial. He loved the feel of her sitting astride him, as she massaged the mixture into his face. Her fingers heated the mask until it was deliciously warm. The lavender and rose fragrance filled his senses, and reminded him of how she smelled after one of her long baths. She took care of him, better than he could himself.

In return, he had massaged her back and legs with the aphrodisiac oil he had mixed to use on her. The cloves, ylang-ylang, and sandalwood's effect on him was evident as he pressed up against her. She was what he had wished for, and his love knew no bounds.

Now they laid in bed together, drinking from their goblets, and enjoying the feel of the other's closeness. They shared their energy with one another. At long last their lips met, then their bodies. They had each coaxed the other to a feverish pitch of arousal.

As their bodies moved together, the room filled with their energy and their love. He felt her body start to stiffen as her orgasm washed over her. He whispered in her ear, "I wish you happiness and love, my sweet. All that you could ever ask for." He slowed his movements as she rode the crest of her wave downward.

He gently moved her onto her back and entered her again. They weaved their energy and love all around them. Each whispered words of love to the other, trying desperately to express the joy in their heart. He felt her rising again, and this time joined her. As they crashed in to the ecstasy that was their love, their cries for happiness echoed through the room.

Their lips met one last time, and soon they were spooned together. Sleep came in the blissful peace that followed.


Nick was making love to Natalie in his dreams. As they soared to their climax, the beast in him demanded to be sated.

The hunger woke Nick. He tore out of the bedroom to the motel room's refrigerator. He grabbed a bottle and started to drink. Quickly, he spat out the red contents. Red wine was not complimentary to morning breath.

Natalie reached him as LaCroix and Fleur opened the door to their room. "It's ok, Nick. I'm here. It was just a dream."

The phone rang as Nick and Natalie embraced. LaCroix picked up the receiver and heard the words he did not want to hear.

"They are on their way. We'll meet you at the airport." The line quickly went dead.

"The enforcers have found us, my friends. It seems it is time for us to leave." LaCroix gathered Fleur in his arms and kissed her passionately. His hand traveled down to her rounded belly. Inside was his child, his mortal child. A child made possible through his son's infernal quest for mortality. Natalie had found a serum and along with Nick and Fleur, LaCroix had decided to come back across.

"Our Spanish friend and his lady will meet us at the airport. I think Hawaii would be nice this time of year."

"I'll pack the bags." Nick said as Natalie took Fleur in her arms.

"I'll take care of the arrangements." LaCroix said as he picked up the phone again.

"And I want to examine you, again." Natalie leaned closer to Fleur and whispered, "Before long you will be doing the same for me."


The three couples were safely seated on the plane to Hawaii by the time the sun was at its zenith in the sky. The six of them were a family, and running had become a way of life for them. They were constantly trying to stay a step ahead of the enforcers. None would give up the ecstasy they had found in their mate's arms for freedom. The greatest freedom of all was soaring together, night after night. Sometimes it was the giggles of Vachon and Tracy as they discovered each other, that was the most prominent. Other times it was the beautiful harmony of LaCroix and Fleur's perfect lovemaking that took center stage. And night after night, Nick and Natalie's cries of joy in their discovery of love and magick could be heard.

Love, they hoped, conquered all...

The End


HA & Lea--so, are you surprised? <giggle> Ty

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