I Smell Sex and Candy

Shelia - 1998

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This is an adult Nick and Nat story.  Really. I'm not kidding.  If you're not an adult or

if such stories annoy or offend you, please go away now.  You have been warned.

No really 'rough' stuff, but it gets pretty graphic. <eg>  For anyone who isn't aware that

I do not own Nick, Nat, or anything associated with Forever Knight, I have a tower in

Toronto that I can let go fairly cheap.  <g>  For legal purposes this is not meant to

infringe on the copyrights of the ones who actually do own FK.  No real Nick's or Nat's

were harmed in the production of this story, but I take the fifth concerning the sucker.


Permission to archive at www.fkfanfic.com and the JADFE archives.  Anyone else,

please ask.

A zillion thanks <and a 'sucker', red or blonde--eg> to LadyMuse for her encouragement.

This story is better because of her, but don't hold it against her if you don't like it.

Feedback is always welcome.

I smell sex and candy here... marcy playground


Nick slammed his cordless phone down in its base - 'Damn!' Nat's phone was still busy.

It had been busy for over two hours and she wasn't answering her pager either.  At least

she wasn't returning 'his' pages and he was starting to get concerned. Actually, if we we're

going to be truthful here, Nick was getting annoyed, but he didn't want to feel annoyed, he

wanted to feel...

Nick took a quick drink from the dark green bottle he held -- it was best if he didn't think

about how he wanted Natalie -- and made a face at the horrible taste. As calm, peaceful,

boring bovine images washed over him Nick's thoughts again strayed to thinking how

much better Natalie would taste than the swill in the bottle. Guiltily, he drank again, hoping

the monotonous cow memories would wash away his ever growing desire for Natalie.

Nat had the next couple of nights off - a rare treat for the busy pathologist - and Nick was

hoping she'd want to spend them with him.  He'd  get a few videos, hell he'd even consent

to sit through a mini-marathon of every version of King Kong ever made if it meant he

could spend the time with her.

Nick, as stubbornly as he tried to deny it, wanted spend all his time with her lately.  His

dreams were filled with her.  With his supernatural senses he could recall in perfect detail

the signature beat of her heart.  The way it would race when he got close to her.  The

unique scent of her blood combined with Natalie's distinctive female aroma that deepened

in tone when she was aroused drove him almost mad with the desire to...

Nick shook his head -- 'those' thoughts were off limits and glanced at his watch,

unconsciously smiling at yet another reminder of Natalie - 12:28 a.m.- Who was she

talking to for so very long?   'Well,' he thought, grimacing as he took another swig from

the bottle, 'I could ride over.'


Nick shut the Caddy's door and glanced up at Nat's balcony.  He closed his eyes and

concentrated, smiling as he easily found her matchless heartbeat. Nick's smile grew wider

as heard her distinctive giggle.  Nick glanced around the parking lot and finding it clear of

mortals he took to the air, landing silently on her balcony. The french doors were half

open and he stepped closer, staying in the shadows, but he could see her perfectly.

Natalie was laying on her stomach across her bed dressed in a thin yellow cotton t-shirt.

And where the hem of her shirt had ridden up, Nick could see her white panties with little

purple flowers dotted all over them.  This charming ensemble was completed by a pair of

thick green socks.

Nick felt a familiar tightening in his groin and his eyes began to tingle with the golden flecks

that were forming.  He knew he should leave, but the sight of Natalie was too enchanting.

Nick watched the muscles flex in her thighs as Natalie bent her knees and crossed her

sock clad ankles and started leisurely moving them back and forth.  She was intently

reading something on the laptop computer in front of her and twirling a sucker between

her lips.

Nick watched, transfixed, as Natalie suddenly gasped and pulled the sucker from her

mouth, running the candy slowly over her bottom lip, staining it with a sticky berry red.

She giggled again before popping the sucker back into her mouth, rolling it around with

her tongue.

Nick stood motionless. He could clearly hear the soft wet sounds Nat made as she ate the

candy.  His growing erection strained uncomfortably against the front of his jeans, and he

knew he should leave, but Nick instinctively leaned closer to the door as her scent washed

over him.  Nick felt his fangs itching to descend and he knew his eyes were already

completely golden.

Suddenly Nat muttered "Oh! Jeez!" around her sucker and flipped over on her back,

throwing one arm up over her eyes.  Naturally, her shirt rode up, tightening across her full

breasts and exposing the length of her legs.  Nick growled softly in his throat as Natalie

sighed and leaving the candy to fend for itself in her mouth, she placed her freed hand on

her belly, pushing the hem of the t-shirt up even further, softly stroking her stomach in lazy

circles with the tips of her fingers.

Nick watched, unconsciously stepping even closer to the open door as Nat's hand slowly

wandered down to toy with the lacy elastic on the waistband of her underwear.  Nick's

fangs were fully descended now and they throbbed in time with Natalie's heartbeat as she

slipped one finger under the thin elastic. She moaned slightly around the candy in her

mouth and Nick could hear the tap of the sucker against her teeth.  Silently he opened the

door wider, his nostrils flaring as the smell of her washed over him.  Nick trembled with

the effort to keep himself under control.

'TAKE HER!' the beast screamed inside him.  So intent on Natalie and trying to keep the

vampire in check, Nick never noticed the small creature until it hissed at him.  Instinctively

Nick hissed back, baring his fangs at the gray and white cat.  With a startled

"MMRREEOOOWW!!," Sydney fled, knowing he was no match for the larger 'fanged


Nat bolted to her knees upright on the bed and opened her mouth to scream.  The sucker

fell from her mouth, leaving a sticky streak on her chin and came to rest on one thigh.

Instantly Nick was beside her on the bed.  He pulled her back against him and murmured

in her hair, "Shh, Nat it's me."  Her heartbeat pounded furiously against him and being this

close to her, her scent enveloped him.  He buried his face deeper in her auburn tresses

and inhaled sharply, his fangs aching to plunge into the vein he sensed near his lips.

"Nick?" Nat pulled away slightly and turned her head, looking upward, inadvertently

exposing the length of her throat as she turned in his arms.  "What...?"

Even though Nick quickly tried to hide it, Natalie caught a glimpse of gold before he shut

his eyes.  But there was no way to hide the bulge that pressed into her hip.


Impulsively Natalie pushed Nick back against her headboard and pillows, following

through with her body so that she lay almost directly on top of him.  Amazed at her own

brashness, Natalie pressed against him.  Emboldened by his arms tightening around her

she reached up.  Natalie ran her fingertips lightly across his jawline and smiled, pleased at

the reaction her touch caused.

Nick kept his eyes tightly closed as Nat traced a finger tip across his mouth, down over

his chin, dragging her nail along the length of his throat.  She was soft, warm and vibrant in

his arms. Her scent intoxicating and Nick shuddered as her fingers trailed fire across his

face.  He caressed down her back, over the curve of her buttocks, pressing her even

closer.  He felt her undo the first few buttons his shirt and slip her hand inside.

"Nat," he protested, then moaned at the warmth.  His desire warred with fear for her

safety.  He wanted her, dreamed of her, but was afraid of losing control.  Driven by lust,

Nick knew he could easily harm her. And the urge to sink his aching fangs deep into her

warm flesh would be uncontrollable after a certain point.  He would have to taste her

blood.  Nick moaned at the thought of tasting her, tasting her pleasure.  Nick could feel

the scent of her arousal and his fangs throbbed unbearably as he lost himself in the musky

tones of her essence that enveloped him.

"Nick," Nat pushed up slightly with her arms, "Look at me."  She arched against him and

he growled his desire, nostrils flaring, but still refused to open his eyes.

She knew he was afraid of hurting her.  And she had to concede, a very real possibility,

but Natalie had never been afraid of Nick.  Her faith in him, all of him, man and vampire,

was as inexplicable as it was strong.  Maybe it was time to show him her faith.  And


Pulling her legs up and straddling him, she pushed herself the rest of the way up.  Natalie

continued to unbutton his shirt, pressing rhythmically against his blue jean trapped

erection, biting her lip at the shivers of pleasure she felt.  She pulled his shirt tail from his

jeans and ran her hands up his torso, pushing aside blue silk that occasionally matched

his eyes.  Natalie ran her hands across his shoulders, trailing her hands down across

Nick's chest.

He groaned softly but made no move to stop her and she delightedly explored his cool

skin, tracing the curves of muscles, brushing the tips of her fingers through the light golden

hair that surrounded his nipples.  Natalie caressed each one with the pad of her thumb

before scraping a nail over each.

Nick moaned deep in his throat, amazed at this helplessness of his, at the sensations

Natalie caused.  He knew he should, for her safety, push her away, but instead trailed his

hands around her thighs, craving her warmth. Nick's fangs ached, pulsing in rhythm with

her accelerating heartbeat.  He could feel her breath, warm against his skin as she leaned

forward and kissed the spot directly over his heart.

She was rewarded by the sound of his heart beating not once, but twice and a ripple of

pleasure washed over her as his cool hands caressed her.  Natalie was as suprised as

Nick as his hand encountered the forgotten sucker stuck to her thigh.

Startled, Nick opened his eyes and stared at the confection, now clinging to his hand.

Boldly, Nat grabbed his wrist with one hand and removed the sucker with the other,

placing the candy on the table beside the bed and brought Nick's hand to her mouth.

"Nick," she said softly, her lips brushing against his palm.  Nick watched, eyes gleaming

golden, mesmerized, as Natalie slowly licked the candy residue from his hand.

"Natalie, its too dangerous.  I'm afraid.."

Nat quit nibbling and sucking on his fingers to look him directly in the eyes.  She smiled

wickedly and said evenly, "You should be afraid," a small giggle escaped her as she

continued, "Of me," she finished before sinking her teeth into his palm.

Nick roared and sat up.  He pulled his hand from Nat's and buried both hands in her hair

as he kissed her savagely.  Running his hands down her back, he pressed against her.

Her warmth drew him and the scent of her arousal was intoxicating.

He rained kisses across her face, down her neck, gently sucking at the skin as she

pushed the shirt from his shoulders, running her fingers lightly over his smooth, cool

musculature as she removed his shirt.  Tossing the blue silk aside, she let her hands

wander down to the waistband of his jeans.

Nick gasped and sucked hard at her throat as she pressed against his erection, her busy

hands unbuttoning his jeans.  Natalie pushed him back against her pillows, sliding down

his body, trailing hot, soft kisses as she unzipped his jeans.  Natalie pressed her face into

his crotch, biting him hard through the cotton of his shorts and Nick growled, lifting his


Natalie smiled as she grabbed the back of his jeans and tugged them over his lifted hips.

Sliding off the bed, she pulled his pants and shorts down to his knees.  Quickly removing

his shoes and socks, she stripped him of his remaining clothes and knelt between his


Her hands on his hips, she leaned over and brushed her lips on the cool skin of his rib

cage.  His erection pressed between her cotton clad breasts and she could feel him jerk

in reaction to her warm tongue on his cool flesh.  Natalie felt a rumble vibrate through

him as she moved over straddling one firm thigh. She rubbed against him and Natalie

moaned at the friction.  Kissing down his belly, she swirled her tongue in his navel as she

moved to his side, stroking his inner thigh.

She grasped the base of his thick cock and lowered her head, rubbing her cheek against

his turgid coolness before beginning to slowly stroke him. A deep growl rumbled from

Nick's chest and Natalie looked up at him and smiled.

"Hmmm, do you like that?" she asked innocently, one hand still squeezing and caressing,

blue eyes meeting green-gold ones, unafraid.

"Nat," Nick started, then moaned as Nat dug the nails of her other hand into his thigh.

"A simple yes, or no will suffice." Natalie said as she scored a trail of welts up his inner


"Yes!" his growl turned into a groan of pleasure as she cupped his scrotum, gently

kneading in counter rhythm to her strokes.

"Good boy!" she said as leaned over and kissed the tip of Nick's straining manhood

before taking a big lick.

He jerked and growled out, "NAT!"

She giggled and slowly trailed her tongue up the underside of his thick shaft before taking

the tip fully in her mouth and sucking hard.


His hands clenched into the mattress as she licked a trail of fire up him and Nick

trembled when she reached the top, straining not to thrust and bury himself in her hot

mouth.  He watched as Natalie reached across him and picked up the sucker from the

night stand.  Still smiling, still stroking she briefly popped the sucker in her mouth, wetting

it before rolling the sucker across the head of his cock.



She continued on, and after several rewettings for better application, Natalie sat back on

her calves and admired her handiwork.  A sticky trail crisscrossed his shaft from the base

to the tip. She grinned at him as she pitched the sucker over her shoulder and leaned

down.  Natalie started at the base and began licking and sucking the candy flavor from


Nick moaned as her tongue and lips diligently explored every inch of his hard coolness.

He reached out, pushing the hair from her face before cradling the back of her head,

fingers tangling  in the soft chestnut curls.  His eyes glittered under lowered lids as he

watched her kiss and lick her way to the tip again.  A growl of pure delight escaped him

as she closed her eyes and slowly began to take him into her mouth.

Slowly, tortuously she inched her way down his thick shaft.  Withdrawing a little, only to

take more of him in her mouth on her relentless downward journey.  His hand tightened

in her hair and Nick groaned as Natalie rocked and swallowed, taking him into her throat.

"Nat," Nick managed to whisper as he threw his head back and moaned loudly.  Nick's

moan turned into a growl of pleasure as Natalie started humming, the muscles in her

throat vibrating, tightening almost unbearably around him.  Growling harshly, he stopped

her downward journey and gently rocked deeper into her throat, burying himself in the

warm tightness as she continued to hum.  Natalie alternated between humming and

scraping her teeth along his skin as he thrusted.

Electric jolts of pure pleasure course through him and he gnawed at his lower lip,

accidentally slicing it open with his fangs.  He jerked, thrusting up hard as he tasted blood.

Nick moaned, stopping, holding as still as possible not wanting to hurt her.  He buried

both hands in the silk of her hair pulled her head up and she came slowly, sucking hard

and scraping her teeth along.  She smiled up at him, her slightly swollen lips parted.

"That?" she inquired, breathing deeply, her blue eyes boldly meeting his green-gold ones.

Cradling her head in his hands he pulled Natalie up his body, bringing her face to his.

"Oh yes," he whispered against her lips.  Nick kissed her hard, his hands running down

her back pressing her against him. She kissed him back, running her tongue between his

lips, parting them for her exploration.  Slowly she wrapped the tip of her tongue around

one of his fangs and sucked slightly. A moan vibrated through him and he sought to

impale the tormenting warmth, but Natalie laughed into his mouth, sliding her tongue

across his teeth, softly caressing his other fang.

She pulled back slightly, keeping a steady pressure, running her tongue over his lip

trapped between her teeth. Natalie released it to nibble at the corner of his mouth, kissing

and licking across his jawline.  She shivered and moved against him as Nick ran his cold

hands under her shirt, caressing lightly with his fingertips as he sought to recapture her


Natalie laughed as she turned her head, snapping her teeth, narrowly missing the tip of his

nose.  Nick's eyes flashed and growled, tightening his arms around her, burying his face in

her neck.

Nick nuzzled her neck, savoring the smell of her blood, her arousal as Natalie arched

against him.  She gasped as she felt his cool tongue run across the pulse in her neck as his

large hands trailed around, under her shirt, to her front, cupping her full breasts, kneading

them.  Natalie breathed his name softly as he pinched her already hardened nipples,

tugging them between thumb and forefinger.

He slid his hands from her shirt as he pulled back reluctantly from her neck, bringing them

up and cupping her face.  Nick lightly ran his thumb over her lips, smiling as she parted

them.  He drew her face near, tracing his tongue over their slightly swollen warmth before

slipping his tongue inside, tasting her heat.

Natalie opened her mouth, eagerly surrendering to his kiss.  She ran her hands up his

arms, dragging her nails, relishing the sensations that arced through her body.  Natalie

pushed against his chest, breaking the kiss, gasping for much needed air.  Nick nibbled

the corner of her mouth as she panted.

He kissed along her jaw, nibbling her earlobe before he whispered, his voice husky and

slow, reverberated through her body, "Natalie, undress for me."

She pushed up, sliding off his body, sitting back on her haunches.  She could see the tips

of his fangs in his lazy smile of anticipation.  A wave of desire flooded her and she

watched fascinated as his nostrils flared slightly as she lifted off her calves at bit, crossing

her arms in front of her, grabbing the hem of her shirt.  Natalie lifted her arms, tugging her

shirt upwards and suddenly found herself stretched out on her back, her arms arched up

above her, her wrists tangled in the shirt material, held captive by his strong hand.  Laying

at her side, he stroked her outer thigh, smiling at her struggles to free herself from the shirt.


Nick bent down, capturing her lips, cutting off Natalie's protests and ran his free hand up

her body, cupping her breast.  He kissed her chin, then trailed his tongue down her throat

as she wriggled, moaning slightly.  Nick brushed his thumb over one taut nipple as he

suckled the other into his mouth.

A deep moan escaped her and she arched upward, still struggling to free her hands.  Nick

traced his fangs across the curve her breast and she writhed, gasping at the sensations.

He smiled wickedly up at her, the gold in his eyes glittering and asked, "Do you like?"


He pinched her nipple hard, grinning.  "A simple yes or no will suffice."



"Please," Natalie begged, squirming as his cool fingers traced down across her stomach.

Lightly stroking the damp cotton covering her mound, Nick scored her skin again with his

teeth, harder this time leaving welts.  Natalie bucked under his hand and pressed herself

closer as she moaned again.  Nick rubbed his trapped erection against her hip as he slid

his fingers in the leg band of her panties, moving them to her hip.  He twisted the fabric,

and with a short tug, broke the seam.

"Open your legs for me," Nick whispered between the kisses he rained across her breasts.

Natalie trembled as he trailed his hand under her thigh, lifting it slightly and pulling them

apart.  Nick pulled her panties away from her damp curls.  Another short tug and Nick

then pulled the torn fabric from her, tossing it aside.  She gasped and a shiver raced

through her body as he covered her sex with his hand, fingers softly stroking her swollen


Natalie strained at the hand that held her wrists, moaning deep in her throat as he

reclaimed her nipple, sucking hard in contrast to the light strokes he gave her sex.  Nick

slipped his fingers through her wetness, finding her clitoris and pressing carefully as he

trailed his fangs across her breast, leaving more welts, asking again, "Do you like?"

She arched her back moaning, seeking to impale herself on his tormenting fingers, his

tormenting fangs.


Natalie's scream of helpless frustration turned into a gasp as he thrust two cool fingers

inside her, sinking his fangs into the curve of her breast at the same time.  He released her

wrists, groaning as he tasted her blood, felt her tighten around his slick fingers.  Natalie

freed herself from her shirt and buried her hands in his blonde curls, dragging his head to

her lips.  Natalie rocked with his hand and shuddered as she tasted her blood in his mouth.

Nibbling his lips, she worked her way across his jaw, licking and sucking down his throat.

He growled when she bit his throat.  Grinding her teeth together, but not breaking the skin.

A soft cry of dissatisfaction escaped her as he withdrew his fingers and slipped his thigh

between hers, roughly spreading them further apart.  He growled again when she rubbed

her sex against his cool thigh, marking him with her scent.

Slipping fully between her thighs, he sat back, running his hands up to her breasts, fondling

them, pulling hard on her nipples.  Natalie bit her lip, moaning, arching up at the feel of his

cold hands.  She shivered as he grabbed her waist, lifting her hips as he lowered his head.

Nick supported her, kneading her buttocks as he rubbed his cheek against her thigh,

savoring her helpless shivers.  He took a deep breath, tasting the scent of her, before

burying his face in her intoxicating scent.  Natalie screamed his name as Nick found her clit

and he alternated between licking and sucking. Close to release, she sought to grind herself

against his teasing mouth, crying out in frustration as he held her back.  He slipped his

tongue deep inside her.

"Nick!" she moaned as she shuddered, "Please!"

Relentless, he teased her, bringing her close to her orgasm but refusing to let her topple

over the edge. Natalie bucked and writhed under his ministrations and one flailing hand

contacted with Nick's head and she clutched his hair, pulling with all her might.

"Nick," Natalie panted as he looked up from her, "Please!"

With a sharp growl, he released her hips, kissing and licking up her body until he reached

her lips.  Parting them as effortlessly as he parted her labia with the head of his cock. Nick

groaned into her mouth as he wetted himself with her juices. She lifted and sought to

impale herself as he stroked through her folds.

Natalie dug the nails of both hands into his shoulders and threw her head back, exposing

her throat as he growled and thrust his cool thickness into her.  Nick nuzzled at her throat,

sucking and nibbling as her warmth contracted around him. She wrapped her legs around

his hips, urging him closer, whimpering as he withdrew, only to thrust into her again.  He

groaned and sucked harder at the delicate skin of her neck as he buried himself deeper

inside of her.  Natalie shuddered and writhed under him, her body begging for release.

Cupping Natalie's face in his hands, he kissed along her jaw, her eyelids, down to her

open mouth.  Sucking on her lower lip as she buried her hands in his hair.

"Natalie, look at me." Nick's voice was husky and compelling and Natalie's eyelids

fluttered open and she gasped as she comprehended the desire, the need, in the molten

gold depths of his eyes.  Moaning she arched with his thrusts, electric currents of pure

pleasure arcing through her.

"Come for me Natalie. I want to taste you come for me," he growled against her lips.

"YES!" she screamed as she drug his head back to her throat.  Nick slid one hand into her

hair, pulling her head to the side while his other moved down, pinning her hip as he plunged

into her welcoming warmth harder, faster.  Natalie threw her head back further, pressing

against his teasing fangs.

"Take me," she begged, so close to the edge and shuddered as a harsh growl escaped his

lips as he threw his head back.  He sank his fangs and Natalie screamed as she convulsed,

slamming into her climax.  Gasping for air as the sensations overwhelmed her.  Her body's

pleasure, Nick's visions and emotions flowing through the link of her blood as he drank.

All her senses were magnified, yet oddly muted as she helplessly rode the wave of passion,

falling freely into the beckoning blackness as she felt his roar of satisfaction as he came

with her.

"Natalie," the voice was insistent, bringing her back to consciousness and she could feel his

cool lips against the heated skin of her cheek.  "Nat."

She slowly opened her eyes, meeting concerned blue ones.

"Are you ok?"

Natalie smiled and stretched underneath him, causing his slowly softening cock to move

inside her.  He growled softly and a hint of gold sparked in the blue depths of his eyes.

"Oh, I'm fine," Natalie whispered as she kissed his jaw.  He rolled over, bring her with

him, so she rested on his chest.  Nick stroked her hair, softly running his fingertips up and

down her back.  Aftershocks of their passion still tingled through her as she sleepily

kissed his chest.  "Just fine."

Nick yawned, baring his diminishing fangs. He kissed the top of her head, "I love you

Natalie, " he whispered against her hair.  Moving, she snuggled closer, murmuring.

"Natalie loves her sucker, too."


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