To be Honest, Buttercup... <or Ode to Sue>

Tyra - 1999

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This is an Adult story, please do not read if you are not over 18.

I do not own them, you know the rest....

Thanks to my betas - Heather-Anne and Lea

It had finally happened, and Natalie was on cloud nine. After night after night of chiseling away at Nick's resolve, she had done it. They were lovers. It had happened exactly as Janette described. She still couldn't get last night off her mind.

Nick had looked at her, with tears in her eyes. She wanted him and wanted to be with him in the darkness or the light. The words were so simple. She had said them before, but this time, this time the effect was different. Nick had swallowed his glass of cow's blood and rushed to pull her into his arms.

Their clothes were in shreds on the floor, and their hands explored each other's body. And when the time came, Nick took just a little.

Natalie smiled to herself as she caressed the bite marks on her neck. Her love for Nick had only grown, as his had for her. He could barely keep his hands and fangs off of her.

She felt his lips on her neck. He had sneaked up behind her as she was sitting at her desk doing reports.

"Have I told you how much I love you?"


"And how much I want you?"

"Repeatedly, but tell me again."

Nick turned Nat's chair around and pulled her to her feet. His mouth hungrily found hers, and he pushed her back against the wall. Her hands pulled him closer. She whispered in his ear as his kisses traveled down her neck.

"Nick, we might get caught."

"I closed the door," Nick whispered. "Besides, the prospect of getting caught is half the fun."

Nick's hand reached up Nat's skirt and into her panties. In seconds, Natalie was moaning at the pleasure Nick was giving her.

"That's my girl. I love making you moan, Natalie." Nick smiled at Natalie, his eyes golden with desire. "Tell me when you..."

"Now, NICK!" Natalie's orgasms rushed through her body as Nick's fangs found the life-giving blood that she freely gave him.

Nick retracted his fangs as easily as he had the night before, her love and blood satiating him quickly.

Their eyes grew wide when they heard the door open.

"Hey, Nat, has Nick got..." Schanke stopped mid-stride into the room. He just stood there, staring, not believing what his eyes were seeing. Nat's skirt was pulled up, and Nick's hand was obviously up it. And Nat's hands were resting on Nick's butt, as if she had been pulling him closer to her. Finally, Schanke was able to move. He propped himself up on the morgue table and stared at the young couple.

"Schank, could you give us a minute?" Nick managed to growl at his partner.

"Sure, go ahead and finish. Just act like I'm not even here."

"Schank, remember how you used to spend so much time at the Raven with Janette? How would you like for me tell Myra what you were..."

"I know where you are going with this, partner, and I'll be right outside the door. Next time, you two need to get a motel room, or the Caddy's backseat is certainly big enough for both of you."

As the door shut behind Schanke, Nick smiled wickedly at Nat. Nat groaned.

"Ok, we can try the backseat of the Caddy."




The weeks progressed, and Natalie had found herself in Nick's arms more times than she could have ever imagined. She and Sydney had moved in with Nick, and they were in domestic bliss. Sometimes in the middle of the night she would wake up with his hands touching her, pleasuring her. She couldn't believe how strong his desire was for her and their lovemaking.


Natalie got off early one night and went home to the loft. There was a note from Nick that he had gone to the Raven and would be back before sunrise. Nat decided she could use some dancing, to burn off the energy she had felt since she had started being lovers with Nick. She slipped into one of her little black dresses and headed for the Raven.


Natalie walked into the Raven and spotted Nick talking with LaCroix. She made her way toward them. Snippets of their conversation drifted her way as she approached them. She stood behind them, out of their sight, and listened.


"Are you becoming human?" LaCroix growled at Nick.

"I haven't felt any different, but who knows how long it will take."

"Do you make her blood sweet before you taste it?"

"Yes, she orgasms at my slightest touch. It does make the blood sweeter. You were right."

Nat's face started to turn red.

"And how do you feel about her?" LaCroix asked Nicholas.

"I do love her, and, well, to be honest, she sure beats cow."

That did it. Something inside of Nat snapped. She reached in between Nick and LaCroix for Nick's glass.

"Nat! I didn't expect you to..."

Nat threw Nick's drink into his face. "I'm better than cow, huh?! So, that's why we are always making love! Now I get it! It's always at meal time that you are all over me! And silly me, I thought it was ME you wanted! No, it was just my blood, because I taste better than Buttercup the cow!" Natalie stopped talking and eyed LaCroix's glass. She looked at Lacroix and said, "May I?" indicating the glass.

"Please, go right ahead."

"Thank you." Natalie reached for the glass and threw it into Nick's face. "You better get used to the Raven's label again, Nick, because you aren't going to be 'sweetening' my blood for a long time." Natalie turned and walked toward the door, her head held high.


Nick stared after her. LaCroix reached for a towel behind the bar and handed it to Nick. "Here. Wipe your face off and go after her."

"How am I ever..."

"You will apologize until you are blue in the face if necessary, but I'll be damned if I'm going to let you go back to drinking cow again. Go!"

Nick's legs obeyed LaCroix's command and he took off running after Natalie.


Nick found Natalie at the loft crying on his sofa, curled up in her pink bathrobe. He had stopped to get flowers. He seemed to remember that LaCroix had taught him that flowers always helped smooth thing over with a lady. And if he ever needed to do some smoothing, it was tonight.

He sat the flowers on the table and moved quickly toward Nat.

"I'm so sorry, Nat. I never meant for you to hear what..."

"How could you say those things, Nick?"

"Nat, I don't know. LaCroix brings out this side of..."

"Don't blame it on LaCroix, Nick. You have been 'sweetening' my blood before you taste me, and you have been wanting me at meal time!"

Nat looked directly at Nick. He knew it was either do or die. "I 'sweeten' your blood as you put it..."

"As YOU put it!"

"As LaCroix put it, because I want you to enjoy what we are doing. And I'm sorry if it appears that I'm coming to you at meal time, but, but..."

"But I do taste better than cow! Say it Nick!"

"Well, you do! Nat, I'm sorry, but Buttercup doesn't hold a candle to you! You do taste better than my regular diet of cow, and your blood does sing after I make you climax. It's just so wonderful, Nat." Nick flopped down on the sofa next to Natalie.

"There. Now don't you feel better, now that I know the truth?" A smile came to Nat's lips as she opened her robe and laid Nick's hand on her naked breast over her heart.

"Nat?" Nick stared at Natalie, his eyes wide open in disbelief.

"I heard you tell LaCroix that you love me. I just didn't like you sharing our intimate moments with him. I figured out the first week that you always attacked me at meal time, but you attack me other times, as well, so I know you want me. And you do fully make love to me. At meal time when you choose me over cow, it's quickies. 'Wham, bam, thank you ma'am,' as they say." Natalie left Nick's hand on her breast and put hers on his face, tilting his eyes to meet hers. "But you always take care of me, and you always put my pleasure first. Just don't stop that, or your meal ticket might have to take a vacation--without you."

Natalie and Nick smiled at each other, and he pulled her into his lap, smothering her with kisses. "I do love you, Natalie Lambert, and I would even if you weren't better than cow."

"Promises, promises!"

"Speaking of promises, you owe me a romp in the back of the Caddy!"

"Well, the next time you get hungry at work, you just wink at me and whisper SBC, and I'll meet you in the parking lot. Deal?"



The End

Dedicated to Sue Clark, the author of the unoffical, secret handshake motto of the DarkNNers.

Dark Nick and Nat - Sure beats cow!

Love ya'll!

Your Listmommy

PS - And yes, that was a reference you saw to Sue's story about Schanke and Janette. It is still one of my favorites.

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