Beyond Popcorn

Shelia - 1999

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Hi everyone! I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimers: This is an ADULT story and intended for adults only. If you

are not an adult, or graphic descriptions of 'rough' sexual situations with

Nick and Nat annoy or offend, then please, go away. This was 'inspired'

<eg> by the popcorn scene in "False Witness".


Nick and Nat do not belong to me and I am grateful TPTB ignore these little

things, as this story in no way is meant to infringe on any copyrights.


My eternal gratitude to the Amie. Her kind words and boundless wisdom keep

me on track.


Please ask before archiving.

"Popcorn is useless as a defense," Nick said conversationally.


Natalie felt herself blush as his still-blue eyes studied her. He shook

his head, dislodging the buttery missiles from their resting place. The

light from the fireplace limned his hair with gold strands, and he looked

so feral with his mouth slightly parted, revealing the wickedly sharp tips

of his fangs. The mischief in his eyes warned her, but still she gasped,

shrinking back further into the leather couch, as he growled playfully, low

in this throat, baring his fangs at her again.


"Nick!," she screamed in mock protest as she dropped her handful of

popcorn, holding her hands out, palms up in instinctive submission.


Quickly, faster than Natalie's mortal eyes could see, Nick caught her

wrists. Lifting her hands to his face, he nuzzled, then kissed the left

one, dropping it to rest on his knee as he kissed and nuzzled at her right

palm, licking towards her wrist.


He nipped at the delicate skin and she whimpered slightly, clutching at his

knee. A low fire was building in her belly and she squirmed, delighted,

and slightly embarrassed at the heat his least touch could cause. His

nostrils flared, catching the scent of her musk. Nick growled, looking up

suddenly and Natalie could see the golden flecks forming in his eyes as he

drew her closer.


"Popcorn has no effect on the vampire whatsoever," he whispered, dropping

her hand, his voice thickening, growing deeper. Natalie gasped at the amber

fire, burning low, smoldering in his eyes.


All traces of blue were gone now, and Natalie licked her lips,

unintentionally inviting a kiss. Nick pulled her close to him, brushing his

lips across hers, growling softly as they parted beneath his. Nick eagerly

tasted her, deepening the kiss, his hands molding Natalie to him. Stroking

her cheek with his own, he rubbed his arousal against her leg, making no

attempt to hide his trapped erection.


Natalie moaned slightly in protest as he drew back from her. Standing, he

lifted her to her feet. She could feel her skin flush hotly and she

trembled as his amber eyes studied her. He reached for the hem of her sweat

shirt, drawing it upwards in one swift motion, tossing it aside. He growled

his approval at her bra-less state. In an instant, her sweat pants were

around her ankles, leaving her bare except for a tiny wisp of lace covering

her sex. He crouched down, freeing the material from her feet as she

placed her hands lightly on his shoulders for balance. She trembled as

Nick caressed her calves, the back of her knees, placing cool kisses across

her thighs.


She gasped as he kissed her hip, and she moved against him as he trailed

his tongue along the lacy edge of her panty. His hands trailed up,

caressing her buttocks, as he slipped his tongue inside the elastic,

tasting her warm skin. With a sharp growl, he hooked the material with his

fangs, and with a short vampiric toss of his head, tore the lace away.


Nick's hands on her hips steadied her as he buried his head in her feminine

curls and breathed deeply, her scent washing over him, calling him. Her

fingers tightened on his shoulders and she pressed forward, moaning.


"Nick," she whispered softly.


Natalie stumbled slightly, crying out as he pushed her back In one smooth

motion he stood. Nick licked his lips, unconsciously grinning ferally as

he took in her naked form. Natalie's pout turned into a smile as he began

to unbutton his shirt, his eyes constantly shifting across her body,

resting for only a moment, on her breasts, the curve of her hip, the pulse

in the hollow of her throat.


Natalie shivered in anticipation, every inch of her skin hypersensitive to

the air around her. A low growl escaped him as he shed his shirt, leaving

the musculature of his chest bared to Natalie's view. Unbuttoning his

pants, Nick impatiently pushed his them over his hips, hooking his

underwear with his thumbs, drawing them both down. He kicked them aside as

he reached for her.


Natalie danced backwards, away from his reach, wanting to study him closer.

Nick caught her easily, securing her wrists behind her back with one hand,

hissing in delight as she struggled briefly, then melted against him. She

lifted her head, eyes half closed, awaiting the touch of his cool lips.


She cried out, startled, opening her eyes as Nick dropped to his knees on

the rug, pulling her down so she rested astride his lap. Natalie shivered

in anticipation as Nick tugged her arms, holding her wrists low against her

back, arching her breasts up to his lips. Natalie moaned, his cool lips

encircling a hardened nub and she gasped at the tremor of pleasure that

spiked through her as he suckled greedily.


He turned his attention to her other breast and she squirmed in his lap as

he slowly licked and kissed his way to the trembling tip of the other.

Suddenly he pulled her against him, her breasts warm and heavy against the

coolness of his chest. Her thighs rested on his and she could feel his

manhood, cool and thick, pressing against her sex. Natalie moved against

him and bit at her bottom lip, moaning, relishing the feel of his thick

shaft parting her labia.


Suddenly, Nick spread his legs wide. Natalie gasped, her thighs parting

almost painfully, the weight of her body forcing its own slow, sensual

impalement. Nick arched Natalie backwards again, trailing his kisses down

her neck, pausing only a moment to lick at the hollow of her throat before

continuing his exploration.


"Nick," Natalie moaned softly, then threw her head back, gasping as she

felt his canines scrape against her upthrust breast.


Torturously, slowly, she could feel her body opening up to him, taking even

more of him inside her. He was motionless beneath her, but his lips left

trails of cool fire as Nick kissed and caressed every inch of skin across

her breasts, encouraging her wriggles and moans. She could feel that heavy

tightening, deep in her belly, signaling her body was ready for release.


"Oh!... Oh!" Natalie gasped at the sensations coursing through, electric

jolts of pleasure that were almost unbearable. She shuddered and struggled

against the hands that held her captive, helpless, against the instinctive

movements of her hips. Nick growled ferally, finally thrusting up, filling

her completely.


Natalie came, shuddering and screaming his name. Nick released her hands

to capture her hips and ground upward, relishing her rhythmically

contracting warmth. Soft moans escaped her as Natalie wrapped her arms

around his neck, lacing her fingers in his hair, pulling his head down to



Natalie tried to move against him, to encourage him to move faster, but her

hips were pinned by his hands as he took his slow pleasure. She kissed,

then bit his lip, not quite breaking the skin. Her teeth left their marks

across his lips and down his jawline. Nick growled, deep in this throat,

recapturing her lips with his, increasing the intensity of his thrusts as

he explored her mouth, the moist heat inviting the questing of his tongue.


Natalie caressed his fangs with her tongue, and he groaned softly in her

mouth, tightening his hands on her waist as he thrust more urgently inside

her welcoming warmth. Nick trailed kisses along her jaw, nipping at her

earlobe. One hand leaving Natalie's waist to be buried in her hair,

fingers lacing in the auburn curls, pulling her head back, exposing the

length of her throat.


Natalie's hands clutched at his arms, gasping. Another climax was building

and she cried out, amazed at the sensations he caused. Nick's kisses along

her neck grew more feverish, more demanding, as he snaked an arm around her

waist - his tongue, his teeth, licking and nipping along the line of her

neck. He growled sharply as she cried out again.


"Please!" she begged, "Take me! Take me now!"


Natalie climaxed as his fangs entered her neck, gasping as his arm

tightened on her waist, crushing her to him as he thrust furiously into

her, coming in great shudders. She could feel his growl of triumph, deep

in his chest, vibrate through her as she clung to him, helplessly, joyously

swept along the river of shared pleasure. She collapsed, panting in his

arms as he nuzzled at her neck, licking at her wounds. Nick eased her

gently to the rug, the light from the fire gilding him with gold, then



Unwilling to withdraw from his lover, Nick rested beside Natalie, rolling

slightly to his back, pulling her half on top of him. Eventually her

breathing slowed to something less than a gasp and he pushed back her sweat

dampened hair, kissing her forehead, then one after the other, her closed

eyelids. He kissed away the tears of pleasuring that lingered on her

lashes, his cool hands stroking along her back, along the curve of her hip.



"Natalie?" he asked, his voice still husky, amazed at the contentment the

woman in his arms brought him.


"Hmm..." she replied, looking up at him, blue eyes so open and unafraid,

almost purring in his arms.


Nick grinned. He loved her. Mischief glinted in his now blue eyes. "So,

do you realize now how useless popcorn is as a defense against me?"


She smiled, brighter than his memories of the sun. Her hand rested, small

and warm against his chest, fingertips tracing lazy patterns on his skin.


"Who said it was a 'defense'?"




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