The Ayes Have It

Jan Wiles - 1999

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This story is rated ADULT for adult situations. If you aren't

at least 18 or this bothers you, then please don't read any



The characters of Natalie and Nick do not belong to me, but to

Jim Parriott and Sony/Tristar. I'm just going to have a

little fun with them. I'll give them back, honest!


Permission granted to archive to JADFE, Mel's fkfanfic website,

the FK ftp site and Mortal Love only. And the DarkNN site as well.


Explicit/graphic sex, M/F, Nick/Natalie.

Natalie hummed happily as she adjusted the diploma hanging

on the wall of her new office. They'd finally gotten

around to renovating the Coroners' Building, and giving the

staff individual space. High time, she thought. She was

heartily sick of sharing space, especially storage space

for records and files. The problems of having them lost or

misplaced had caused some real trouble in the past. It

would be nice to have someplace to keep things that should

remain private.


Like Nick's records. She had been very careful to always

carry her journal with her, but now if she forgot once or

twice it'd be a relief to not worry so much about it. She

stepped back to eye her handiwork with approval, then

turned to survey the rest of the office. She even had a

small couch, although it was way too short to nap on. It

would probably do to examine Nick on, though.


Nick. She was so frustrated at their on-again, off-again

relationship. For a 800-year-old vampire, he was

stereotypically male in his fear of commitment. He'd driven

her to work that night, and kissed her cheek when he dropped

her off, but ran like the wind when she wanted more. Maybe

she'd be more able to get him in the mood with this nice couch.

She giggled at the thought of what she'd like to do to Nick

on that couch...running her hands, and lips, over every inch

of his skin...having him do the same to her, with loving

attention to detail. She could feel her nipples hardening,

begging for his touch. She could even feel her thighs

yearning to open for the penetration of his cool, hard penis...


"Oh, damn," Natalie sighed. Her very vivid fantasy had caused

her feminine juices to flow, so much so that her panties were

now uncomfortably wet. Grumbling with irritation, she searched

her desk for a plastic bag, then shut the door, slipped her

panties off and stuffed them in the bag. She put the bag in

her purse with a wry chuckle, reflecting that she'd have to

spend the rest of the shift on her feet in order to keep her

skirt unstained.


As she busied herself with the last few unpacking details, a

knock sounded at the door. She turned as the door opened, to

admit the subject of her fantasies. Nick's cheerful, "Nat,

how's it going?" both lifted her spirits and reminded her of

her frustration. He only got a few feet into the room before

he faltered to a stop, his nostrils flaring. Natalie realized

sheepishly that Nick could smell just how aroused she was.

His eyes darkened with what could only be an answering passion.

They stared at one another wordlessly for a moment, and then

she threw all caution to the winds.


The predator has just become the prey, she thought, as she

stalked towards him with the flowing movements of a panther.

His eyes widened as she approached, but he did not retreat.

Fatal mistake, she thought smugly.


He obviously decided on a humorous response. "So, am I in

trouble?" he queried lightly.


She reached towards him, past him, to shut the door and lock

it. "Uh huh, you bet. Loooots of trouble." She laid her

hands on his chest, then slowly slid them upwards to link

behind his neck. More trouble than you could possibly

imagine." She pulled him down, and herself up, enough to

kiss him passionately.


Nick hesitated, then embraced her hard, running his hands

sensuously over her back and shoulders. Natalie moaned

softly and pressed herself against him. She let her own

hands roam freely, enjoying the feel of his hard body even

through the shirt he wore. He broke free of her mouth to

lay feather-light kisses all over her face.


"So," he said between kisses, "just what kind of trouble

*am* I in?" Judging by the smile he could not hide, he knew

perfectly well.


She began to unbutton his shirt. "How about this kind, for

starters?" She slipped her hands into the opening she had

created, and stroked her fingertips over his bare chest.

Her hands tingled from the contact with his silky skin,

encouraging her to explore farther.


Nick himself was busy as well, massaging his way from back

to front. He rubbed his hands in circular motions from her

sides to her belly, then up to cup her breasts in loving

hands. His thumbs teased her nipples to hard, sensitive

points, causing her to moan hungrily for more.


She opened her eyes (when had they closed?) to catch a smug

grin on his face, and a slight flash of gold in his eyes. He

held back for a moment, but she pursued him. He might be of

two minds about this, she thought, but *I'm* not, and the

majority always wins, right? She smothered a giggle as she

captured his mouth with hers and began a determined assault.


Natalie began by tenderly suckling on his lower lip, then

delicately stroked the inside of his upper lip with her

tongue. He eagerly responded by caressing her tongue with

his. She marveled at the coolness of him, and how wonderful

he tasted to her. Then, she drew his tongue deep into her

mouth and suckled hard. The groan he made seemed drawn up

out of the very depths of him.


Natalie boldly unbuckled his pants, undid the button and

zipper, and slipped her hands inside his shorts, cupping

his butt. She kneaded and massaged him, glorying in the

moans and growls she won from him. He claimed her mouth

hungrily, even savagely, and she realized it was time to

put him off-balance. She pushed his shorts and pants

down around his thighs, then took his rigid manhood into

her hands. It was of a perfect shape and size, and felt

like velvety silk over steel. Nick groaned and thrust

into her grip.


Natalie bumped Nick with her hips, causing him to sit

down on the couch suddenly. With a seductive smile, she

lifted her skirt and knelt astride his lap -- and impaled

herself on his upthrust cock, humming with delight. She

concluded from the mixture of startlement and avid arousal

on his face that he hadn't intended things to go quite this

far, but was having trouble objecting to the whole idea.

He stared at her with a mix of longing and concern in his

eyes, then gave in.


"So, are you going to have your wicked way with me?" Nick

asked, putting an expression of exaggerated fear on his face.


Natalie relaxed and purred, "Oh, my, yes...but I hadn't

heard much argument from you about it. I haven't even heard

the word 'no', yet!"


Nick's eyes widened ingenuously, and he asked, "What's that?"


She giggled, and pinched him. "You aren't screaming for help,



He cleared his throat a few times, and whispered, "I seem

to have developed laryngitis or something."


Natalie shook with suppressed laughter. "You aren't even



"Oh, yes, I am!" Nick thrust upward into her. "See?"


" that again," she murmured, moving with him. "I

just love it when my prey struggles."


They both lost it completely at that point. Nick in particular

collapsed against the back of the couch, nearly shouting with

laughter. Even through her own chuckles, Natalie noticed

that he never lost his "interest"; indeed, he seemed to grow

even larger and harder inside her. Finally, he managed to

stifle himself long enough to kiss her.


"Oh, Nat, I love you so much, you wonderful, funny woman," he

said happily, between kisses.


Tears came to her eyes. "Not any more than I love you, my

precious Nick." She caressed his cheek tenderly. "Don't

worry about all this--" she gestured to their joining, "just

let me handle everything and we'll be all right."


Nick smiled at her, absolute trust in his eyes. "'Passive'

isn't my strong point - you know that - but for you I'll do



Natalie leered at him. "*Anything?*" They chuckled together.

"All right, then, love, you just put your hands like this--"

she rested his hands on the couch seat, one to either side

of her, "--and leave them there. Then, you concentrate on

keeping that pesky vampire firmly under control. I'll handle

*this*," and she clenched her internal muscles firmly about

Nick's penis. He inhaled sharply and closed his eyes.


"Oh, I'll bet you'll 'handle' that with no trouble at all,"

he whispered huskily. He then asked plaintively, "I can't

move my hands?"


"No, you can't," Natalie answered firmly. "That should help

keep you out of trouble." She began to move upon him, riding

him gently. "Just sit on that vampire and think about how

wonderfully mortal this feels..." Natalie caressed his

shoulders and arms as she rose, then sank down upon him

again. "And to help with your nibble problem, I think

I'll keep your lovely mouth busy with something else." She

fastened her lips to his and refused to let go. Not that

Nick was *trying* to get away...


Nick was obeying instructions about not moving his hands,

but he was busy in other ways. He continually changed

his thrusts, now fast, now slow...and where had that

*circular* motion come from? At the same time, he was

both suckling on and tickling her tongue. The combination

was an assault on her senses that made it so very hard to

think. The most she could manage was to avoid his

extended fangs, and keep her mouth locked to his to muffle

her moans.


Just then, he changed his angle of penetration to apply

pressure to her clit, and the bud of orgasm within her

belly blossomed. Her moan rose into a scream as she shook

with the force of her passion. As Natalie melted upon him,

Nick made a sudden convulsive thrust and roared into her

mouth. As she felt the cool bath within, she dimly heard

a ripping sound. At that moment of mutual triumph, it

didn't seem very important.


Nick relaxed with a sigh against the couch back, and

Natalie curled around him like a sleepy kitten. They

remained like this, for a timeless moment, then Natalie

sat back to regard him with a satisfied grin on her face.


"Wow," she breathed.


"Kaboom," Nick agreed, contentedly.


Natalie laughed, and caressed his face tenderly. "And all

that worrying came to naught. Everything was just perfect."


Nick settled his arms around her waist. "Well, now, I

wouldn't say that." He grinned crookedly.


She was puzzled, and said so. "What, pray tell, was wrong

with that wonderful experience?" A wisp of white drifted

across her vision.


"That's what's wrong, I'm afraid," Nick replied ruefully,

indicating the pale tendrils. He glanced beside her, and



Natalie followed his gaze, only to find more white strands

floating out of a gaping hole in the couch surface. Nick's

fingers had obviously clawed deep into the upholstery.

She quickly looked to the other side to find a matching rip,

and suppressed a giggle with difficulty. "Ooops!"


She pretended to glare at Nick, who responded with his best

little-boy-lost look. Unable to maintain her pose of

irritation, she hugged him and reassured him, "Don't worry,

I'll just buy a cover for it. To be with you, I'd gladly

sacrifice any number of couches." She kissed the tip of his



"Why, thank you, milady." Nick said sweetly. Just then,

they heard noise in the hall outside. "I'm afraid, though,

that we'd better get back to work."


Natalie rose hastily, and began covering up the evidence of

the crime. "Just as long as we continue this 'discussion'



Nick grinned at her as he reassembled himself. "Oh, I

promise we will. In a more relaxed atmosphere, at *great*





True to his word, Nick was right on time at the door.

"Your chariot awaits, milady!" he announced cheerfully,

with an outrageous wink at Grace. To his surprise, he

received a wink and leer in return. He whispered to Natalie,

"What was that about?"


Natalie shushed him for a moment, then gathered up her

things and waved to Grace as she left. Once they were in

the car and on their way, she giggled and admitted, "I'm

afraid we were overheard."


"What? You mean...earlier?" If Nick could have blushed,

his face would surely have burst.


"Yep." For some reason, Natalie did not seem terribly



Nick asked hastily, "It *was* just Grace, right?"


Natalie grinned. "I should tell you it was the whole

staff...but no, it was just her."


Nick gave her a dirty look, then tentatively asked, "Well,

what did she say?"


Natalie drawled, "Oh, not much. Just...'you go, girl!'"

And she burst out laughing again.


As embarrassed as he was, Nick could not help laughing with

her. "I suppose men and women aren't that different after all."


"And what is that supposed to mean?" She tried to look severe

and failed miserably.


Nick grinned, knowingly. "It would seem that you ladies crow

about it too!" He elbowed her in the ribs, gently.


"Oh, Nick, sometimes you're such a pain in the butt," Natalie



Nick drew himself up mock-indignantly, looking down his

nose at her. "I'll have you know that I am a genuine,

certified pain in the neck." He bared his fangs at her.


Natalie slid closer to him. "You've been--", she pinched his

right buttock, "--demoted."


Nick had barely pulled the car over before a ferocious

ticklefight ensued.

The End

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